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  • 77giggles

    The best thing about my neighborhood is that its in the ‘country’, its nice and quiet–I can sit on my porch, listen to the birds singing, and watch the rabbits and wildlife munch on the grass… its wonderfully peaceful and relaxing!

  • Gbemmy Bassy Sholaru

    I live with people that are lively, the showed so much love and respect for each other.

  • Ken Grant

    Simple people who are involved in each other’s lives. We look out for each other and help each other.

  • dottie p

    all of my neighbors get along. most of us have animals. across the street one has a german shepard then 2 huge golden retreivers next door to that, then a yellow lab then a shih tzu then a springer spaniel on my side there is my 5 dogs and behind us is a chocolate lab. some nights it sounds like a bark alarm but we are all ok with it and we all feel safe. the dogs are always watching out for us.

  • Mark Hall

    I’m fortunate, though the block of flats I live in has people from all ages, they are a good bunch and we all get along and help each other out if there is a need.

  • Nicole

    that i have a house to call my own. and it has a door i can shut. *it’s like magic*

    • Deb

      Me, too!!! I love my little home!

  • Paul Clément


  • Haden Hudson

    We have a 3 year old, and live on a street where there are 7 families with kids her age. She plays outside with them every single day (thank you FL weather) and their mommies are some of my best friends. I bever have to worry about socialization for either of us!!

  • Sheila Mason

    What I like about my neighbourhood is its quiet,everyone knows you and if you ever were to need help with anything they will be there to help you.

  • Ray Ayala

    I live in a poorer county where things are cheaper, but right across a bridge is a wealthy county. So, I get the best of both worlds. Lower taxes in my county, but I can all go across the bridge and live it up!

  • Noel Stewart

    My neighbors are nice friendly people. They smile and wave; thus making me feel right at home in our neighborhood. In fact, my neighbors are nicer and friendlier than my bloodline nasty family. My neighbor across the street is 96 years old and a really nice gentleman. During a heavy snow, he helped us get to work by using a snowblower to unearth my car; I made it to work on time too! In some way I would like to show him my appreciation, but I have no idea what to do, do you?

    • Christy

      Invite him to dinner!!!! Elderly people tend to get very lonely. And they often don’t make sure they’re eating properly. You will also probably hear some wonderful stories! I would love to sit in on that conversation!

      • Deb

        Great idea!!

    • Deb

      Christy’s answer is perfect. If you can’t manage that, make a meal and take it over to him.

      • MyKinKStar

        I think taking a meal to them is better because it’s easier for them to enjoy without worry or obligation to come over. Use a dish they don’t have to return when it’s empty and include a little sweet for afterwards too – even if it’s just a couple chocolates or a Little Debbie cake!

        • Christy

          That’s a good point. I was thinking the neighbor may be hungry for company and conversation as well as food.

    • Phyllis Mullins

      A meal would be nice, but I like the idea of dropping one off. I would, however, make time to spend time with him. Love the idea of hearing his stories, there must be some great ones there and he’d probably welcome the opportunity for company. If you play cards or games that might be welcome too!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Since I’m originally from Brooklyn, NY, I could make a list of good things about my neighborhood. But my most favorite thing is the fact that my new next door neighbors moved in 24 years ago and we’re both still here! The kids are close in age so they used to play together every day. Their oldest daughter moved into her giance’s house last year, but she came over one day to personally ask my daughter if she would be one of her bridesmaids. We’ve been going out together every New Years Eve and then hang out at their house. When the kids were little we went away together for a few long weekends to see Hershey Park dressed up for winter with 750,000 lights. Now, we watch each other’s dogs. Their youngest daughter is in college do so my daughter

    • Carol Miller

      Diane, what a wonderful neighborhood you live in. I’m sure your neighbors would say the same about you.

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        I hope so. I try. My next door neighbor on the other side of my house is in her 80’s and mostly alone. Her 40 year old son comes “every weekend” (debatable) to do her yard work. When hurricane Sandy struck, our neighborhood didn’t have power for about four days. After a few hours I decided to check on my widowed neighbor, only to find out her son hadn’t been over and she was freezing! We brought her to our house, where we have a gas fireplace that practically heats the whole house and also put a few blankets on her. My husband had also been boiling pots of water on the stove to put heat and humidity in the house. We told her she could stay with us for as long as she wanted. (With my kids, you could always scare up a bed. They’re very giving and have given up theirs for other people.) She stayed for a few hours and ultimately decided to go home since her son SAID he was coming over. We checked on her frequently, (she was boiling water, now, too and I really wanted to keep an eye on that.) until her son finally showed up. As I said before in another conversation, I don’t know how some people sleep at night.

    • Sowmya

      You have perfect neighbourhood Diane!! I agree with Carol that your neighbours would say the same about you!!

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Thanks, Sowmya!

    • CHISTINA w.

      I have a friend from Brooklyn and I am from Philadelphia. I live in the South I miss the good food like Philly cheese steaks she brings me one occasionally when she visits, the delis are a joke here.

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        We used to have to bring three dozen bagels to my husband’s brother’s family, who relocated to Florida. Brooklyn bagels taste the best because of the water supply. And I had a Phillly Cheesesteak sandwich yesterday but it was from “Subway” which doesn’t even come close to good compared to the ones I’ve had in Philly!

  • Christy

    The best thing about my neighborhood is my husband! Well… sort of. He’s our neighborhood watch commander. When we first moved there 22 years ago, the only thing anyone knew about their neighbors was whatever gossip was circulating (small town.) Since then, he’s organized the Neighborhood Watch group and we’ve had meetings about protecting our homes AND our neighbors, pool parties for the kids, cook outs, we even blocked off one street and had a Street Fest one summer! We’ve had community yard sales and now many of the neighbors get together for coffee in the mornings, swimming in the afternoons or just to visit and chat! While I was home alone one day, a salesman stopped at the house. I was outside talking with him and, within 15 minutes, one neighbor had called to see if I was alright and another stopped on their way by to see if everything was ok. These aren’t nosy neighbors, these are friends watching out for friends when something seems a little different. I love our neighborhood!!

    • Sowmya

      Perfect neighbourhood!!

  • Vonnie Aldrete

    My favorite thing about my neighborhood is that it is basically very quiet. No major crime has occurred, and I am within walking distance to shopping center, banks, restaurants, gas stations and convenience store. Also, the freeway, post office, my son and my sister are within a mile. There’s nothing that I don’t like about my neighborhood.

  • Brian Vaughn

    My “neighborhood” is just the woods. It’s nice that’s it’s quiet, but there’s nothing to do.

  • Timothy Mccollum

    Everybody watches out for each other and it helps because in this new world we live in safety is important.

  • Timothy B Messick

    it is quiet and private

  • Sue W.

    We have the best neighbors!!! Nice clean, quite block…love it. Been here for 30 years!

  • Jasmine abbasi

    I have a pond to fish in, and a good school for my children to attend when thsy school ahe.

  • Sarah Turner

    I don’t really have any neighborhood, I live in the country side, where there is only a hand full of people. I love it.

  • Carol Miller

    I absolutely love the neighborhood I live in. It is extremely safe. We have never had a break in, robbery etc in the 37 years I have lived here. Every neighbor is extremely nice, always waving or saying “hello” if you pass them. Each neighbor minds his/her business but is there if you need them. When it snows we all pool together and help each other dig out. Those with snow blowers always offer to do your driveway. If it is extremely icy and it is treacherous to get up our hill, one of my neighbors who has 4 wheel drive will go from house to house asking if you need anything from the grocery store. We are close to our local shopping center, bank, dry cleaners etc. so that if you are without a car you could walk. My church sits at the top of our hill and it is very comforting to hear the ringing of the bells at 9, 12, 3 and 6. I should also mention that we have lower taxes than our surrounding towns due to the many businesses that are in our Industrial Centers. Interestingly, many years ago my town was named one of the top 10 safest and best places to live by Better Homes and Gardens.

  • jennifer pieper

    in summer time we still have pie social every Tuesday night with our local band. they play from 7-9ish while people can get the pie and ice cream that are donated by the town people. every Tuesday is a different group that earns the money. it could be the local church kids, firehouse, school and much more. it is a great place. and then on july 4 th the church puts on the small fire works and has a pie social with a little festival. always a great time.

  • edeliz

    Proximity to shopping, public library, bike trail, restaurants, which in turn allows me to leave my car behind so I can enjoy life without making too much of an impact on my carbon footprint.

  • kandeels

    Absolutely the food!! We live in the city of Utica, which has the most refugees from the most nations living here. We have been blessed with many local restaurants, eateries, bakeries and other grocery stores that are importing foreign goods to satisfy the myriads of refugees and their national foods, and we have access, as well!! So if you want Bosnian, Thai, Karan, even traditional Greek, as well as many others, come here and enjoy the food!! And it is made with all authentic ingredients, just like they used to have before they made their homes here…can’t get hungry, but you sure can crave the food!!!

  • nichole

    My neighbors are all older, (50+) and friendly! They are done with the rowdy stage of life and just want things to be relaxed. They care about my neighborhood and pool. My subdivision looks good year round!

  • MT

    That I’m moving out in a month because I’m buying a house!!!

    • Deb

      That is a dream come true!! Congrats!!!!

  • Kommi Comacklestock

    We have low crime and our neighborhood is mostly seniors. My son’s school and daycare are both located just a few miles away. Lots of dog walkers and friendly neighbors who say hello and are very talkative and approachable.

  • DM

    Our neighborhood watch program. It makes us all feel safer and we are always looking out for each other.

  • Sara DuVall

    Almost everybody has dogs!!

  • Cecilia

    The best thing is that most of my neighbors have dogs and love mine, and we help each other out when it comes to shoveling snow.

  • Kari McDowell

    The people. I live in a very very small rural area that is very culturally diverse. I’d say it is 50% Black, 30% White, 20% Hispanic. Everyone for the most part gets along very well together. It is much easier to talk about race relations with people you have known for a long time. I find in my small town people are respected for who they are and not what color we may be.

  • Gbemmy Bassy Sholaru

    My neighbors are nice.. i really enjoy the neighborhood during summer time.. kids come out to play with each other… my neighbor hood is a fun place to be

  • Deb

    The best thing about my neighborhood is that my daughter and grandsons are only a vacant lot away. The oldest can walk over anytime that he wants. It’s the best of both worlds. We both have our privacy when we want it, but it’s easy to be together when we want to.

    • Sowmya

      Wow….. lucky!!

  • Lindsey Coleman

    Our neighborhood is located within 5 minutes of all 3 of our daughter’s schools. The neighbors are helpful and look out for one another. Everyone respects each others property and makes all of the children feel welcome in their yards.

  • Jan

    There are several reasons why we live in the BEST neighborhood! We love living on a cul-de-sac, it’s quiet and we all know each other and look out after each other. We live 1 street over from the local elementary school just for this area, and there are many families with children here. Right outside the neighborhood, we have an AAA Baseball Stadium, Soccer stadium/Football stadium, where the whole community utilizes, with their attendance to games, or events, or if their children’s high schools play ball there. They just built new fields for sports, that is open to the entire community. My favorite thing about living here would have to be the fireworks that we can see, after baseball games, holidays, etc…very well from our backyard!

  • angielou123

    The best thing is the lack of drugs and crime. I came from a worse area and am really enjoying the quiet life.

  • Brenda Holling

    We have a great neighborhood . Everyone looks out for each other and helps out when one is in need ! Couldn’t find better people to live around ! These days everyone needs those extra eyes to watch others propertys when they are away . Great cookouts in the summer has the food running thru the air ……… Awwww is it summer yet ? 🙂

  • jlnolan72

    best thing about my neighborhood is that it is small and quiet

  • Richard Vargas

    The best thing about my neighborhood is the old time charm. It looks like a scene from the 1950’s. We don’t have sidewalks, every house has a mail box in front. Some of the neighbors have white picket fences. It is very rural, and the people are very down to earth.

  • Crizzy

    The best things are what I can see every day from my windows or my garden…the regular walkers who pass and wave as they head off between tall pinetrees, the wide open skies with clouds scudding across, a ceiling of sparkly stars at night and the daytime fifty shades of green in the patchwork of fields, forests and hedgerows. Heaven on earth!

  • Sylvia

    I moved here kicking and screaming over 2 decades ago but I was in for the most pleasant of surprises. My neighborhood is full of people who truly understand the meaning of good neighbor. They have shoveled snowy driveways, rescued runaway pets, jumpstarted dead cars, bought groceries and meals when I was sick and offered friendship as I celebrated the arrival of my son and mourned the passing of family members. Good neighbors have become treasured friends who make my neighborhood a warm haven in a very crazy and often cold world.

  • Gay Brock

    The best thing about my neighborhood is the ice cream truck makes the rounds here almost every day. I love the sound of that silly jingle coming out of the speakers, brings back good memories. One strawberry shortcake bar, coming right up!

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    The best thing about my neighborhood is my church is in it, in fact my home and church are located on the same street.

  • Sowmya

    I am usually lucky when it comes to my neighbourhood. Evlyn is a fantastic lady who is a single widow and was my neighbour in my previous house for 14 years. Whenever we go on holidays she used to do our lawn and mail collection even without telling her. When I had hysterectomy surgery, she even went to the extent of offering to do house cleaning and stuff which of course, we didn’t let her. She is 72 years old and she is like my close friend inspite of the difference in our age. She used to come over for sleep-overs once in a while. Even now we keep in touch.

    After that we moved to another suburb. It was a small court location with just 11 houses. Our neighbours Andrew and Melisa were so good and friendly. They have 3 daughters and always wanted to dress like Indians with bindi on the forehead. Most of the time, they will be at our place especially during summer to use our swimming pool and play at the backyard. The best part is when we were going through some financial and family problems and wanted to sell our house, they even suggested that they would buy off the swimming pool part of the land from us to help us financially, as they didn’t want us to move out from there. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out and we had to sell that house and move out to a rented place in another suburb. The entire neighbourhood was very safe, united and helpful that we used to keep an eye on each other’s house when on holidays and check on the opposite old couple if we don’t see them for longer periods every alternate day. It’s very important to have a good neighbourhood and we have to be lucky to get one!!

    Our current neighbourhood is very private and don’t interact with each other. Planning to buy our own house soon and move out from here if everything goes well and God willing!!

    • Deb

      It’ll be wonderful when you get your new home. I hope you make many new friends.

      • Sowmya

        Thanks Deb! Hopefully new friends will be like our Vindale group!!

  • What i love about my neighborhood is how it is such a melting pot of people and cultures. Also especially how my city was built on our immigrant ancestors. They are the ones who made us and our city what we are today, BostonStrong.

  • Rebecca lee

    The best thing about my neighbourhood is the camaraderie and friendship. I grew up in the street and so I know all my neighbours and consider them as friends. I often pop next door for a cup of tea and a gossip. Four years ago we started an annual street party where we put up a marquee, set up a barbecue, and we all gather for a party. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

  • pearlyche

    Pretty quiet

  • Mike

    He is quiet and plows my driveway!

  • Cheryl Termin

    Neighbors look out for each other

  • James Moulder

    My neighborhood is the best ! I can walk outside in the morning and take a wizzzz off the front porch and no one says a thing but my wife for killing the grass . My closet neighbor is 5 miles away and you cant see the road from my house. THE COUNTRY IS THE BEST NEIGHBORHOOD YO LIVE IN.

  • Cliff Taylor

    The best thing about my neighborhood is that it’s very peaceful, and no one, bothers me – lots of help available for snow removal, etc. if I need help. Very pleased to be a good friend of many close by, we all appreciate help, and get along very well.

  • Deandre

    The Best Thing About My Neighborhood is that all the neighbors are friendly and always kind to one another and always helping and checking on one another the neighborhood isn’t very big so mostly every one knows every one and the neighborhood watch is always working putting together meetings and everything and finding new ways to make the neighborhood better

  • Maritza

    The best thing about my neighborhood is that i live on a hill. my house is a house as you are going up the hill. Even though my backyard is at a slant and hard to cut the grass, i still love the placement of my house. It always seems colder on already cold mornings. When the moon is full and i’m driving towards my house the moon seems like it’s right on top of my house like it’s easy to touch. Another thing that i love is that the catholic church is a block away so i always say i’m on Holy ground! That i love!

  • Breann parker

    The best thing about my neighborhood is we live out of city limits. Everyone knows everyone…..we look out for each other. I love that.

  • Vytas

    My friendly neighbors who always shoot a smile and a hello my way when I’m out for a walk around the neighborhood!

  • Hdawg Geezy

    its pretty quiet…

  • Amanda Starkey

    We are lucky enough to live in a good neighborhood that my 6 year old daughter can have a best friend next door and that they can go back and forth between houses and we don’t have to worry! Now, because both households have good sense we still watch over them because they are so young, but we do feel that there is nothing to worry about. All the neighbors up and down are hard working class people. We all watch out for each other but are also grown ups…no gossiping or talking bad about each other. Not many people can say that about their neighborhoods! My daughter’s do not know how blessed they are to be able to play and not constantly looking over thier shoulders. They are able to be worry free kids. Talk about an American dream!

    • Phyllis Mullins

      They are lucky, reminds me of my childhood and I wish more neighborhoods were still that way.

  • Natania

    The best thing about my neighborhood is all my neighbors. I have lived there for 38 years and besides 2 houses, everyone else has also. Its like we are all one big family. I remember when I was a child, I would ride my bike a lot and when my tires would get low, my neighbor told me to just pull in the garage and he would put air in them for me. Another neighbor would yell to me every time she saw me and would give me a popsicle. Another one would babysit me (and my 2 sisters) when my parents went out. When I had to sell something for school or girl scouts, they would all ask what prize I wanted and help me reach it. They did so many nice things for me. Most of them are older now so I take their garbage cans out and get their mail and always ask if they need my help. We all borrow things from each other. I am so lucky to have grown up in my neighbor hood and have the neighbors I do.

  • Giovanni Utanes

    The best thing about my neighborhood is the culture that surrounds it. There are so many different cultures around me. I like a lot!

  • Erin Estilette

    That’s I don’t have one. I live in the boonies. Lol.

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    The best thing about my neighbourhood is that we all get along and look out for each other. When someone new moves in someone is always there to welcome them with a plate of cookies. Go the extra mile for a neighbor and mow his lawn or shovel his sidewalk.

  • Wanda

    I live in an elderly neighboehood and it is always quiet peaceful. We look out for each other and help out each other when needed.

  • Heather

    There’s a million escape routes! My block of buildings is very quiet but I live directly between the train station and bus depot, so in case I ever plan to take over the world, I have multiple escape transportation routes 🙂

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio


  • Manwinder Kaur

    Imagination is the highest Kite that He can fly !

  • Nicole D. C

    Everybody knows everybody. We look out for each other and each other’s kids.

  • ramadevi

    The best thing is everything is in walkable distance. I live in down town. It ii’s crowded but very convenient for my life style. I see all different cultured people. In front of building a church, library and supermarket and schools. At doorstep bus stop. I don’t drive and it is very convenient in winter. I love my neighbourhood.

  • brenda brown

    good friend help you with my yard work mower my grass for me just good neighbors


    We have really nice neighbors. We all get along with each other. We all get together for cook outs and to just hang. We all have kids around the same age which is good for the kids. We have a big fish fry every couple of months. We would end of feeding over a hundred people by the end. Everyone would bring a dish and our other neighbor would supply the fish!

  • Stacey

    I live-in a rural area and am not bothered by nor do I bother neighbors.

  • Rachel

    The best part of my neighborhood is that people look out for each other. Whether you’re away from home, or someone sees something that involves you or your home or kids, etc, they help you out and let you know things. You don’t have to worry so much when you’re away from home and it’s a great piece of mind.

  • Stacie Snow

    Everyone is friends and watch out for each others property’s and help each other as much as possible

  • Tabatha Howay

    I live in a rural area & the best thing about it is that my neighbors aren’t super close!

  • rose morgan

    It’s gated….sometimes.

  • Howard Lee

    We at lucky to live in a nice neighbourhood. Its quiet, clean and safe. I like living in kerrisdale

  • SeattleAD

    We help each other all the time whether it be a missing child, storm issue or merely needing a cup of sugar. We are 865 houses strong but we seem much smaller when we need one another.

  • Cheri Timperley

    I love how quiet and peaceful my neighbourhood is. Everyone is friendly and keeps to themselves, but always waves or says hi whenever we pass paths. Very safe and peaceful I feel here in my neighbourhood. Also everything you need is all within a block or less away walking like parks, public swimming pool, convience store, school, and grocery store. Makes life easier and keeps me in shape.

  • Joe quinn

    Nothing…. People get robbed and murdered every day where im from.. Theres nothing to do in the area so when the police see us they automatically think were up to something…. And when we try to do something the right way we rejected… So…. We have no way out… Where im from we get looked down upon like were doing wrong when all were tryng to do is survive and feed our familys

  • Javier Figueroa Rodriguez

    Live in good neighborhood is life. It is a enjoy life to count with a good neighbors and people who care one an other and look for the best of that neighborhood. It is amazing when people make their neighborhood an excelent neighborhood.

  • jock

    I live downtown in a a brick road live oak tree lined avenues and I love it! It is a safe neighborhood with veery low crime incidents. I can walk to various locations -mall, pub, restaurants, grocery,park, government offices and various other establishments. Evreyone is friendly and have a sense of protecting he community. It is also very clean and well maintained.

  • Erik Leblanc

    I think the better they always here for help another one thats great in my hood

  • Apey Evanoff

    the best thing about our neighborhood is it is crime and drug free and there are plenty of children for our kids to interact with. its also located in a school disrict with A&B grades from the state which i find important and vital to my childrens education

  • Phyllis Mullins

    We live on a quiet dead end street where we know everyone at least to waive or say hi, but no one is in anyone else’s business. During snow storms, many help others just because it is the neighborly thing to do. It is one sided because there is a school across the street which makes meeting people more difficult, but we know them all anyway because everyone is friendly.

  • Nathaniel Blanton

    Thr elderly people

  • susan

    the noise and how cute the old people walk around they look so happy

  • Tytiana Lacy

    Were the most talked about Everyone mentions how Dangerous our neighborhood is but despite everything thats going on around us we are growing stronger as a community and it doesnt matter what color or religion we associate ourself with we are equal and we treat each other with respect we are protesting together and fighting against all the tragedies in the world and with trump in the office its devasting but its making us come together even more no more separation, no tears, no lost hope just a bunch of human beings in many forms, colors, and labels protecting the future.

  • Anita Scinetti

    Hi, I’m new here. This might sound antisocial, but I love that I live in a rural area where I can see my neighbors house – across the paddocks. I’ve worked and lived all my life with people and have found myself wanting to be around others less and less as I’ve got older. Having said that, when my children were younger, I had the most awesome neighbors anyone could have. I would give the baby monitor to them so I didn’t have to wake my baby up to get her sister from school – I was a single mum , and having that peace of mind that someone was there was a huge weight off my shoulders. I also taught my girls to go next door in an emergency.

  • yohanmy DG

    I love my neighborhood because is the best place to live. my neighbors are friendly and help each other with all the things they can.