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  • Casimina Doner

    For me, the weirdest coincidence is that my mother in laws phone number is also part of my social security number. So my hubby and I were weirdly connected even before we connected! LOL

  • Kim Riley

    I have several when it comes to me and my husband. Him and my youngest son share the same birthday, we were born in the same hospital, and lived in the same place at the same time twice.

  • RaMarie Bazemore Acker

    My Mom and My Mother in law share the same birthday, May 7th. And my cousin and my ex husband were born on the same day, same year, same hospital. my mother in law visited my aunt when my cousin was born.

  • MT

    That I share a birthday with BB King. Well, it’s not so much a coincidence as a neat fact!

  • Susan Campton

    I had been a Nurse Aid in college. The Convalescent home I worked at only had one Nurse who was really nice to me and respected the Aids. A few years after I got my degree, I was made Admin of a group home. When I walked into my new office I was introduced to my staff Nurse..it was her..weird huh? But nice!

  • Brian Vaughn

    Me and Abraham Lincoln have the same birthday. Also, he was a wrestler and I’m a wrestler.

  • Sue W.

    The numbers of my new house are the same as the house I grew up in! Different cities and street names, same number…

  • Carol Miller

    My birthday is Christmas Day and my name is Carol. My younger daughter told me she was naming her first child, Carolyn, in honor of me. Carolyn ended up being born on January 6th, 2006. That is the feast of the Epiphany, which is also known as “Little Christmas”, in all of the Eastern churches. To say I was and am thrilled is an understatement. Carolyn is also very much like me in personality.

    • Deb

      Enjoy your little Carolyn!! What an honor your daughter bestowed on you!!

      • Carol Miller

        Thank you, Deb. She is the joy of my life. She is now in fifth grade and plays basketball, volleyball, track, junior choir, Girl Scouts and will be in the school play. More importantly, she is kind and generous to everyone. Thank you again, Deb.

  • Cecilia

    When I moved out for the first time, I moved into an apartment downtown. When my daughter moved into her first apartment downtown, she made the decision herself, and it turned out to be in the exact same apartment building I lived in.

  • Kathy Hein

    I was on a cruise, a year after I graduated college, and my neighbor was my best friend from my freshman year in high school. She had moved at the end of our first year to California (We are from Illinois). We hadn’t seen each other since we moved.

  • Sylvia

    It revolves around the number 8; married on the 8th after meeting my husband on the 8th, son born on the 8th, father and mother in law passed away on the 8th and I was hired as a teacher on the 8th. This number keeps on popping up as significant events in my life occur.

    • Deb

      Yes, I would say that 8 is your number.


    I live in Florida and one year i bought a bread machine and mailed to Mom and Dad in MA. On the same day we mailed the bread machine we got a package from them and it was the same bread machine. Could have saved alot of money in shipping.

    • Deb

      How funny!! I guess all of you have the same taste. That’s what I call giving a gift that you would like to receive.


    While we were in Cary,NC,january last year…..A very best friend there decied to move back to her homeland,UK and gave me her clothing with tons of winter clothing….saying “you’ll need them soon”. Yet in the following Autumn my husband got a new job in Merrimack,NH..! So we moved.My friend told the truth even she or we didn’t had a single thought of moving to northeast! What a world!

  • Mark Hall

    I was on Holiday in Rhodes and my first day getting breakfast, who do I meet….. my Store Manager 🙁 He’s in the same bloody hotel!

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    hmmm a wierd coinkidink – okay one time I was eating at a diner with my friend and I lost one of my gloves. The next day, we went to meet up with another friend who drove up and had something on his windshield. I looked at my friend and said – “is that my glove”? Sure enough it was and my other friend had found it, picked it up to throw it at a friend he was with and it landed on his windshield. He didn’t even know it was there!!! But my glove found its way back to me….so bizarre. Very random but something I will never forget…We all still talk about it.

    • Natania

      So funny I thought I was the only one who called it that. When I read this I busted out laughing. Great story too Julie.

  • Kristy Martin

    I slept over at a friends house and couldnt find my 1 sneaker thank goodness she lived close so i walked home in 1 flip flop rhe following week i and my dig stop by to get my same best frie d in her house waiting for to finish getting ready before we walked back to my house and when i yelled Harley who was my pug at the time comes running with my missing flip flop in his mouth at that time no cell phones but we did end up grabbing the camera. I even asked my friend did you find my flip flop and she said no how weird and take my dog over and he comes running to me with it in his mouth. I guess calling for saint anthony really works amd they were my favorite and expensive flip flops. We still talk about to this day.

  • Deb

    When my daughter was buying our houses we knew that we wanted to live close to each other. She bought hers first. Her address is 1312. She tried to get her neighbors to sell their homes so I could be next door. No deal. I was looking on the internet and found my house. It was a street over with only a vacant lot between us. The address is 1312. After I had moved in the phone tech gave me my phone number. The last four numbers are 1312. We both took it as a sign from above that proved that we had made the right decision.

    • Lynn

      How strange!! It definitely was a sign from above!!

      • Deb

        Hi, Lynn. How are you? I don’t think I’ve seen you post in a day or so. You doing ok?

        • Lynn

          Good days and bad. Thanks for asking, Deb.

    • Carol Miller

      Deb, Great story. Your daughter sounds terrific.

      • Deb

        Thanks, Carol. My daughter is one of a kind, and has the kindest heart.

  • Theresa Holly

    When I graduated high school I traveled out town for the perfect dress. Graduation I saw a friend who said to show Mary Ann your dress. Turns out she had same dress but bought hers locally!

  • Roxanne Foreman

    just a couple days ago, I was waving at a neighbor through the window, then jokingly waving my fist at the sky (as if cursing all the snow) when all of the sudden all the snow on the branches came tumbling down through the trees!

    • Lynn

      That’s hilarious!!

  • Erin Estilette

    Just recently, craziest coincidence ever. I traveled to London for some concerts. After the concert, I met another fan at the after show meetup, and a few days later I ran into her while sightseeing!! I called out her name and she looked up astonished. In a huge crowd, in a city of millions, it was crazy that we just happened to be in the same spot at the same time. We ended up doing a couple more days of sightseeing together! So much fun!

  • Manwinder Kaur

    Me & my husband have same blood group that i come to know during my pregnancy 😛

  • angielou123

    Me and my daughter getting pregnant at the same time. Very strange to share that with your daughter. Her babies dad and my babies dad are also cousins.

    • Lynn

      That is definitely weird!! Are you both due on the same date??

      • angielou123

        No she had her baby a couple of weeks before me. So my son is her daughters uncle but he’s younger!! The children are 3 yrs old now btw.

  • Tommy Gordyn

    My mother brought 3 family members (plus 1) make that 4 family members home from hospital on same day and at same time .. Myself, my sister , Our Aunt and new cousin …

  • Gay Brock

    When I had my second daughter more than 28 years ago, I shared a hospital room with a woman who had given birth about the same time I did. She had a boy. When the nurse brought this woman her baby, she said, “Here’s Devin James.” I was so confused! Devin James was the name I had chosen if I had a boy! We couldn’t believe it. But it gets better… When I told her I had named my daughter Caitlin Jane, THAT was the name she had chosen if she had a girl. Definitely the weirdest coincidence in my lifetime.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      I had a roommate in the hospital when I had my son. She had the largest baby in the nursery. I had the 2nd largest. But at that time, women could only stay for 24 hours after delivery, and those hours flew by. Years later, when my son was in third or fourth grade and I was chaperoning for a class trip, this woman walks up to me and asks me if my name is Diane Eugenio. I didn’t know this woman. It turns out our son’s were in the same class together, AND she was the other new mom in my room after I had the baby. I asked her how she knew who I was. She said she looked at my name outside of the hospital room.(You won’t see that now; it is a HIIPA violation.) She said she made sure she memorized it because she knew we would meet again. That was a nice feeling, but along with that came a creepy-ish one. She turned out to be a nice woman, though.

  • dottie p

    my then husband and i went on a trip to my sister’s in Illinois, and on the way back we stopped at a truck stop to eat lunch. i looked at him and said somethings going to happen. i am having de ja vue really bad. he was like what’s going to happen, i said not sure maybe someone famous will come in or something. 5 minutes later my brother who was a truck driver walked in the door. my hubby said hey look it’s mike, we had a nice lunch together.

    • Lynn

      Do you mean Mike, the Famous truck driver?? Just kidding with you, Dottie, nice that your instincts were correct though.

  • Paul Clément

    What are the odds that two 19 year olds, one from Ontario, the other from Saskatchewan both enrolled in the 1967 ROTP (Regular Officer Training Program) and coincidentally assigned to the same platoon both have the same name (given name and family name? Well, I was one of them and that is the weirdest coincidence I can remember. It’s almost the stuff of ”Believe it or Not”.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Any chance you two are related in some distant way?

  • Paul Clément

    I’m still a bit weirded out by it.

    • Lynn

      What, that we’re both Canadians or that you had the same names as the other fellow in your platoon? LOL!!

  • Christy

    The weirdest coincidence I know of is my husband (born on D-Day), was featured in an article on his 20 years of military service on 06-06-06 which also happened to be his 60th birthday. (This past year he was selected as our local tv station’s American Hero …. but not on the 6th! )

  • Stacie Snow

    My husbands exwife received a chip support check for $500 and he didn’t send it after we got in touch with DHR they sent it from another account in the next county and their names were the same Jimmy and Debbie

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    When I was pregnant with my son, my
    husband kept suggesting all these very Italian first names. (I’m NOT Italian). I’m not sure if he was serious or just pushing my buttons, as usual. He wanted to name our son Salvatore. It was his deceased dad’s name. My husband’s three brothers told him that their dad didn’t even like his own name. That’s why none of the boys had that name. Toward the end the end of the pregnancy, he shocked me and he asked if I wanted to name my son Michael. That’s my brother’s (and the kindest, most generous man on earth’s) name! So YES, I DID want to name him Michael. I never suggested it because I didn’t think he’d ever go for it.) Finally, eight days after my due date, I went into labor. My son, Michael, was born the next day…ON MY BROTHER MICHAEL’S BIRTHDAY! AND, he looked a lot like my brother (according to my husband), which was creepy at the time until I thought it through & realized we come from the same family so why WOULDN’T the baby look like my brother (and me)? I love both of my Michaels!

    • Lynn

      What a beautiful story, Diane.

    • Lynn

      What a beautiful story, Diane

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Thanks so much, Lynn. Tomorrow, he’s taking me to Atlantic City for an overnight stay. Yes, we get free rooms but he’s going to pay for food, parking tax on room and any other charges. He really doesn’t have a lot of money and now he can add a car loan to his school loans, bit his job just changed him to full-time status, so he should be fine with making payments (especially since he has no rent to pay. LOL). He’s afraid to gamble since he just got the car and the loan that comes with it. You know I’m gonna end up giving him money to into the slots, right? LOL. BTW, we only do the slots and I only go about once a year AND we don’t spend a lot of money.

    • Karen T

      Wow! That’s pretty awesome!

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Thanks, Karen! He’s 22 years old now and such a sweet kid! And he’s just like my brother; always helping and supporting others and putting them first. I never realized that before now. Wow, are they similar!

  • Nicole D. C

    My birthday is 7-17 and I got a phone number with the last 4 digits 6717.

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Great minds think alike, Teresa. LOL

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    You’re right, Lynn! Hahahahahaha.

  • Noel Stewart

    The way I met my spouse, we were both getting back into the dating scene. Our self esteem was low. We both wanted someone younger. We both lied about our age. We both purchased hair dye. And the biggest coincidence was that we had been buying hair dye from the same Dollar Store but we did not meet there. Eventually the gray hairs started to show up and we were both busted.

  • Christina G’Angeli

    i had been dating this guy for a couple months and everything was going great. we met each others parents and everything. well one day he and his family went on a week long cruise…and i never heard from him again. three months later his aunt came into my work by complete coincidence, she didn’t know i worked there and i had never met her, we got to chatting while i was going over her health history and we stumbled upon our six degrees of separation….long story short i found out why i never heard from her nephew. its because i looked freakishly similar to his ex-girlfriend who had just gotten engaged and he was trying to pretend i was her because he was still in love with her. apparently he kept referring to me as “jackie” and his parents did a mini intervention on him during the cruise. would have been nice if he just told me that in the first place.

    • Deb

      Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Lol

      • Christina G’Angeli

        I did indeed deb!!! Haha

  • Imbri Jenkins

    I lived in a trailer park in elementary school and THREE different little girls named Cheyenne moved into trailer 13, one after the other.

  • Ray Ayala

    I took my car to the mechanic and the bill came to $700. I did not know how I was going to pay for it. When I went home, I was going through my old papers and I found $700 worth of savings bonds that I had purchased years ago. I was able to pay the bill without going into debt.

  • rose morgan

    Always weird to me how I will take a mini vacation out of town only to see people I know every where I go who are from my hometown.

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    The weirdest coincidence that I can think of right now is yesterday I went to the grocery store purposely with only $10 to spend for dinner and salad fixings. I was tempted to go to a fast food restaurant but I remained firm and stuck to my guns. When I got to the grocery store there was a sale on banquet frozen dinners, 5 for $5 dollars. I then went to the dairy section to buy at least 2 yogurts but to my blessed surprise the brand I wanted to buy was on sale, 5 for $5 again. So I spent the $10 on something I like and on something that is healthy even though salad fixings was not part of the purchase.

  • Beasthian

    When I lost my wallet and my friend lost it the next second when I realised I lost my wallet.

  • 77giggles

    I live in Florida and my childhood girlfriend lives in NY…. We chat most days thru emails, and for the longest time, we will both cross emails saying the same things… either remarks about something that was said, or even ‘Im done, good nite’… Sometimes it gets freaky, but after 50 years, its still comical.

  • Judy Burba McGarvey

    My sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time. I was due on January 15th and she was due on December 23rd. She desperately wanted a boy and I wanted a girl. Well, I gave birth to my son on December 23rd and she gave birth to her daughter on January 15th. The family suggested that we “swap”. lol

    • Deb

      That’s so neat. I’m sure that neither of you would change a thing.

      • Judy Burba McGarvey

        No. Not a thing.

  • Natania

    On the first day of my daughter starting kindergarten, everyone was outside waiting for them to open the doors. I was talking to a woman and it turned out we went to the same high school, graduated the same year and even hung out with the same friends. I don’t even understand how that could possibly happen, but we exchanged numbers and talk all the time. Our kids are friends and we have lots of in together.

  • Carlos Mendoza

    I kept meeting the same person everywhere I went, be it at work, at a store or me taking out the trash, thing is said person does not live in the same neighborhood nor is my coworker.

  • Karen T

    VERY weird! That would make me head straight to the Bible and look up every 13th chapter, verse and anything else mentioned about the number 13.☺

  • MyKinKStar

    Can’t think of a thing . . . Well, there was a solar eclipse due many years ago, that I happened to miss totally because Mother decided to get the car washed! I know, not really a coincidence, but oh, what the what!

  • Keith

    One of the weirdest coincidences happened to me about 18 months ago. I’m a gambler in just about any way possible, but on this day, I was going to bingo. It was my birthday, so I figured I’d hit the bingo hall followed by the casino. At bingo, we started the night out by drawing the ‘magic number’; When I-27 popped up, I told my friend, “Wow, what a coincidence, my birthday number is the magic number & it’s the 27th.” I ended up getting a single for $100, the very next game I ended up with a 4-number bingo on I-27, which paid the $100+776 ($876 total). During the jackpot special, I ended up getting set for ‘I-27’ and I’ll be darn if it didn’t come up the very next number for $1,000. I ended up winning almost $2K that night at bingo, followed by $800 or so at the casino. All in all, was a wild day for the 27th of October. A birthday I won’t forget, lol

  • Carol Miller

    Thank you, Karen

  • Timothy Mccollum

    I remember going to a Giant game and wanted to meet my favorite player, I was in the parking lot pre game cooking out and partying and he parked to cars away from us Spider Lockhart a great safety that played for the Giants great day.

  • James Moulder

    Way back a long time ago the girl that broke up with me because i went in the USAF and could not wait a year to get married i ran into her 4 years later in Paris France on her honey moon and i was on a weekend pass with the girl i wound up marring.I was stationed in Germany at the time. O how lucky i was been married 25 years now.

  • Sowmya

    This is creepy and it happened when I was 16 years. My brother could see from only one eye and started developing some issues with that also.
    The doctors did all the tests and gave a date for surgery of that eye. My dad took him to the hospital which was in another State in India. After they left, the following day I saw a dream that my brother came back without the operation as the eye surgeon suggested him not to get
    operated because there is a risk of losing his eye. Next morning, I told my mother about my dream. She didn’t take it seriously at that time. Next day we were all surprised to see my brother coming back without getting
    operated. He said that the doctor suggested him not to get operated as there is a risk of losing it all together. Even today when I think of that incident, I get goosebumps.

  • Kari McDowell

    My sister and I who are ten years apart in age buying the exact same birthday card for family members three times in a row. Of the thousand of cards in the store I can’t imagine how we did this. We also shopped at different stores each time.

  • kandeels

    I share my answers to Vindale blogs and my winnings, especially, with my children. One day I told them that I had won and the question was “what is your favorite Jenny?” The radio was on and lo and behold, my answer to the Vindale blog came on the radio – 8675309, I got it, I got your number off the wall — – — Too funny, and the kids’ eyes got really wide, like the radio knew my answer!!!

  • Sarah Turner

    I think I was about 9 or 10 year old and I was not feeling every good, I told my mom that something was going to happen, she made me go to school anyway ‘s and when I got home she told me that my grandma died.

  • ramadevi

    Myself and my husband are family friends before we got married. My mother-in-law used to ask/enquiries regarding my girl friends to get marry with my husband. I used to say positive things about all the girls whom she was expecting them to be my husbands wife. But oooops, I became her daughter-in-law finally. She never expected me as her daughter-in-law. I never expected either. Only my father-in-law was pretty much interested to make me his daughter-in-law. It is funny.

  • Drea Nivea Rahming

    My friend and I dated the same guy at different times. Also my friend and I have the same middle name

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    I know. Weird, right?!!

  • Chrystal Ozovek

    HEY!!! So I have three children . . . an 11 yr old girl, 9 yr old boy and 10 month old boy. EACH ONE OF THEM were born on a Monday during the 2:00pm hour. WEIRD RIGHT!!!!

  • Anon

    having a server with your exact name at a restraunt.

  • Khristy Goddard

    Me and friend were driving home one evening and traffic was bad. We could see at least 15 vehicles in front of us. My friend said “if all these cars turn at the upcoming intersection, I will believe in God” Sure enough every single blinker turned on and all the cars turned. I said “if that isn’t a sign, I don’t know what is!!” She was left speechless!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Thanks, Lynn. I usually only do slots. I’ve never seen that game in AC, but I’m going to look for it. Sounds like fun since you actually win sometimes. I’m lookIng forward just to being ” out and about”.

  • Cliff Taylor

    When I had my 1st love in my life the gal & I fell in Love, following a few dates, but after 2 months, she, told me she had met another man, and wanted to not see me anymore. I was shocked and very disappointed, but moved on.

  • Casandra

    The weirdest coincidence is my birthday along with who I thought would be my soul mate my whole life had he been able to live right. My birthday is 425 and my husbands birthday is 524, we are sadly separated and my daughters birthday is 523 and 325 is our wedding anniversary. None of this was planned of course and when I was told it by my husband it made me feel the three of us were meant to be together. I hope one day that falls true again. Well just wanted to share because those 3 numbers interconnecting like that is a real coincidence!

  • Leah Williams

    My name is Leah and my Husband’s middle name is Michael. The last 4 letters of his Michael spell Leah. Pretty cool he had his wife’s name embedded in his.