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  • dolfanatl

    Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve never had my love life judges by anyone. Also, I think that it is horrible for anyone to judge someone else for whom they love.

    • Karen T

      I agree!

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Definitely my brother, but only because he wants the best for me. He even offered to let me live in his house. Also my sister, but she thinks she has an answer for everything. For her, I say, “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” But the person that surprised me most was my Girl Scout Co-leader. This woman was a straight arrow in every way. One day, after a meeting with our girls was over she said, “You should have an affair.” I was truly shocked! I never expected her to say something like that.

    • 77giggles

      Wow, Diane, that’s wild! Yep, we never know what will come out of others’ mouths…. (or even our own, for that matter!) LOL

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio


    • Karen T

      I really wish you were kidding .
      Someone like that shouldn’t be teaching young girls anything!

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Nope. Not kidding. She never said anything like that in front of the girls. Her issue was she expected the girls to sit quietly after they had been in school all week. I think she was a wanna be school teacher. Girl Scouts is not like school, and I never wanted the girls to feel that way.

    • Carol Miller

      Diane, that is absolutely unbelievable. And she was a Girl Scout leader??????

      • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

        Yep. To her credit, she never said anything inappropriate in front of the girls.

  • Beatrice

    This happened with my first love at the age of 16. My dad, of course, was so overly protective, and my mother, being a mom, wanted to know everything. Needless to say, my love life was judged since the very beginning with my first love. My mother wrote down his license plate number on our first date ever; my grandma didn’t like him because he was on the darker side, and would insult me all the time because of it! And he once left his drivers license in my house and my parents ended up doing a background check on his record with a friend of theirs in homeland security… It was awful the beginning on the relationship, always being questioned, and my family already have a preconception of him without even knowing him. Turned out I lasted almost 3 years with him, was engaged to get married at our 3 year anniversary until he cheated with his co-worker and got her pregnant, a woman who was 15 years older then him and already had 2 children herself, funny thing is he always told me he didn’t want to have kids! Hey, lesson learned, my family didn’t like him for a reason, and there you go!

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    Let’s see…..I met my husband on March 6, 2009. From March 7th until the present i would have to say my sister in law. She has judged me and my family and my relationship with my husband since the day we met for reasons that have nothing to do with me – but it’s easier for her to blame me. It stinks because there is a void, but we have now learned to live with that void.

  • 77giggles

    My mom judged my love life when I was married to my second husband. He was fantastic, always cordial, loved a clean house, and the perfect gentlemen, loving everyone. She admonished me when she found out we were divorcing. Truth was, yeah, he was loving everyone, and was both mentally and physically abusing to me… Thankfully I was free 9 yrs before Karma took his butt to the fiery depth he had earned for himself!

  • Tammy Boyd

    Many of my boyfriend friends. They all said I didn’t love him because he work and take care of both of us and I’m now waiting on my disability case to go to court.they I love him because he take care of me.l never once ask him to. He told me one day he would help me if I would stay and I have.

  • dottie p

    i don’t know of anyone that has. ever, i know because in the last 18 years i have been single. and haven’t had one. but before that when i was married they knew i would have chose my husband over them so they never said anything. (smart family)

    • Deb

      I don’t think you’re going to be single much longer. Happy Valentines Day!

      • dottie p

        since i met Ron i don’t think so either. happy valentine’s day to you also

  • Nicole D. C

    Pretty sure my whole family judged me in my last relationship. Probably thinking what I was after… “What in the world was I thinking????”

  • ramadevi

    Some of my own family members judge me and my husband whenever arguments go between us. We are arguing means not fighting over each other, not hate each other and not loving each other. I don’t know how people think that way, yes we argue with each other on some issues to get clear answer and to understand each other. We are outspoken and we talk in front of them because there is nothing to hide. But now we learned and we stop doing it in front of them because they understand that we don’t love each other. It is not true.

  • hope

    I don’t recall anyone judging my love life and even if they did, I make my own decisions.

  • Paul Clément

    No one has judged my love life, at least not to my face which I understand to mean that everyone in my entourage assumes, as well they should, that my relationship/love life is strong and built to last.

  • Carol Miller

    When I left an abusive husband back in 1973, I felt that myriads of so called friends judged me. People who had consistently been “wined and dined” at my home just simply disappeared. Two of my husband’s aunts who had stayed at our home for lengthy visits told me they could talk to me as long as my ex husband didn’t find out. My sister in law called once with the comment, “we just don’t want to be involved. ( Did I fail to mention that she, my brother in law and their two children always stayed with us when visiting from out of town.)I was a young 28 year old who had previously led a very sheltered life. These actions were so astounding to me that if I had not had my mother and family for support I would have really had a collapse. However, I became stronger as a result and more independent. I learned that when you are at the top of the ladder you have many so called friends. However, run into trouble and slide down the ladder – well it becomes like a magician’s disappearing act. I fought over not becoming bitter for the sake of my two daughters. Today, both girls are strong, independent thinkers and I like to think my experiences helped me to raise them that way.

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    Well I don’t know if this answers the question but here goes. A friend introduced me to my husband. They knew each other as classmates from elementary through high school. My husband died after we were married for two and a half years. The friend withdrew her friendship from me, she didn’t even attend the funeral. A few years later I learned from a co-worker the reason, my friend was feeling guilty and was afraid that I blamed her for his death since she was the one who introduced us. At first I was angry but as I have lived and experienced death issues, I find it is difficult to know what to do with anyone who is grieving the death of a loved one. You know what though about two years ago I was reunited with my friend on Facebook! She lives in another part of the country now and she and her family are doing great as well as I.

  • Nilson Jone

    Ninguem tem o direito de julgar ninguem ,afinal gosto é igual a bunda,todo mundo tem a sua .Nunca tive esse problema na minha vida.

  • Ray Ayala

    Yesterday. We were spectators at a golf tournament and I was with my sweetie in a golf cart. She is such a hottie that many of the other spectators were right there flirting with her. When she says this is my husband, some asked how did I catch a princess?

  • Sue W.

    My mom always did!!!

  • Noel Stewart

    Whenever I go out on a date, people that we meet imply that my date is a gold-digger, because my dates are substantially younger than I am. This usually occurs at a nice sit-down restaurant.

  • Susan Updegraft

    In the very beginning by his family. His mother is Japanese so I am not sure anyone was good enough. She’d even point girls out on tv that were beautiful. As if.. anyway then his grandmother said that if we couldn’t afford a new car, we should take the bus. In California, and that he should consider leaving me. That was 35 years ago. His family is no longer part of our life, by my husbands doing. He lived with it all his life and said enough is enough. Over time though if we’re judged by family and friends it’s more that they wish they had what we have. 35 years, 5 children and now 2 amazing grandchildren. I married my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him. We do pretty much everything together, and where I leave off he picks up, and where he leaves off I pick up. He cooks, clean, and does laundry, and we both work full time. Once I mentioned I wanted cheesecake, and he drove to the cheesecake factory and got me a whole cheesecake. Granted I was pregnant, but if I said it today he’d do the same thing no matter how far. He’s never questioned me, or criticized me, and I don’t think he’s ever really said a negative thing to me, or about me. Yes he’s gotten mad, downright angry at times, but he’s never purposely said anything to hurt me. I can’t imagine not having him in my life everyday.

  • rose morgan

    When I was engaged to an alcoholic. ouch.

  • Deb

    I have no idea….probably a whole lot of people….but never to my face. I have always lived my life as I saw fit. I have enough confidence that no one would dare tell me what I should or shouldn’t do. I’ve made many mistakes, but they are MY mistakes.

  • MT

    My parents always did, ever since I’ve had one.

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      Parents are always good for that.

    • Beatrice

      I learned that parents always want the best for you!

  • DM

    Years ago when I dated someone others did not like. He treated me better than anyone ever has, except my husband of course. You should never judge. If someone is happy, be happy for them. Life is too short.

  • Tabatha Howay

    My lack of a love life gets judged quite often. I have been single for over 8 years. Sad but it is what it is.

  • Rebecca lee

    My love life is judged all the time. I’m a single woman, I’m 36 with no children and I’ve never been married. Every time I meet people I get the sympathetic look and the comment “don’t worry, you’ll meet someone”. Everyone seems to think I’m going to be left on the shelf and end up a lonely old woman with 100 cats!! What they don’t realise is that I’m happy being single. I see myself as a strong independent woman and I don’t need a man. I like to think I’m like Carrie from sex in the city, unfortunately everyone else sees me as Bridget Jones!!

    • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

      There’s NOTHING wrong with being single, Rebecca. In the US, at least half of marriages end in divorce!

      • Rebecca lee

        There just seems to be a stigma attached to women in their 30’s who aren’t married. People are sympathetic as if you can’t get a man, but you’re right, I’d rather stay single than marry and then divorce.

        • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

          A friend of mine is in her 40’s. She didn’t choose to be single but her relationships never worked out. She wanted to have a child of her own. She went to a sperm bank where you can read all about the donors. She now has a lovely little girl, and no entanglements. Also, some people choose not to have children. I never understood why people get all hot and bothered about it. Why does every woman have to have a child, even if they don’t want one? But that’s another topic for future discussion.

  • Stacie Snow

    My husbands mom before we got married she told me that he would never marry me that he lived his ex wife and they would get back together! That’s been 24 years ago we married at the court house and afterwards we went to her house and I pulled our certificate out to show her! Needless to say she lived with us the last three years of her life and I took care of her day and night

  • David

    My love life is always judged by the kids from mine and my new wifes kids. some of them always think they know whats best for us. We love each other very much so the kids will have to except it over time or move on without us. We have both been in relationships that dealt with complaining from our ex. but when we met we decided to do what makes us happy and not think about how others want to treat us. lifer is about love and happyness.

  • Natania

    The guy I am with now, we have been together for 23 years but when we first started going out, I was 15 and he was 19. My family was not happy about it. My older sister, who is 4 years older than me also, was dating his best friend, they hung out at our house a lot. So in the beginning we started hiding it because I knew people were going to have problems with it. He was friends with my sister first, and with him being there so much he kind of was like a family friend. I kept pushing it because of our ages he kind of backed off a lot. I guess he just couldn’t resist (just kidding). I fought with my family for about a year until they allowed it but it was really hard. If anyone heard or seen us they would tell my sister who would tell my mom and I would get grounded, all the time. Back than I didn’t see anything wrong with it, but now that I have a daughter I absolutely see many issues with it. I mean 4 years isn’t a big age difference if both people are 18 or older. If a 19 year old pursues my daughter at 15, we will have some BIG problems. So I do wish I would’ve handled things differently back then and not made it so difficult for my family.

  • Darwin Hamilton

    I’m a male at 32 years old and I had a girlfriend on and of then it kind of got to the point to where I end up alone and till this day I have nobody to share my love with and that is what make me start to think and start judging my love life like how I don’t have love in my life

  • Nigel Jones

    When i was laid off work and was broke for months. My partner could of walked away but she didn’t. I’m happy this happened that is for sure

    • Beatrice

      Well, you know she was in it for the money! *awww* 🙂

  • José Wolf Cotes Guzmán

    For me it is difficult because I am homosexual, and my love life is always judged by people who do not understand and do not understand that I am also a human being entitled to love another person.

  • MyKinKStar

    When they believed I was someone different based on the people I was involved with and/or had a relationship. Then even when they learned the truth, their choice was to spread rumors anyway.

  • Cynamon Yarborough

    I’ve never had anyone judge my love life. There all happy for me. Cook clean massage make em feel good and loved while he brings home the bacon. $$$$

  • Chris

    All the time since the father of my son and I live in separate houses but manage to raise our son and have a better relationship living apart than living together.

  • Surveys Profit

    My family keeps judging me during holiday gatherings urging me to get married.

  • Sarah Turner

    Mine was in 2007 when I married my ex’s best friend, he and some of my friends did think we would be together long and they are still saying it.

  • kandeels

    Never, at least not to my face!! There would be regret on their part if that did happen, so thankfully, I only know of people who mind their own business!!

  • Chrystal Ozovek

    The first time my love life was judged was when I decided after 10 years of an abusive marriage to get a divorce. Despite all the judgment and lost friendship and even sadly the loss of some family relationships . . . I am now happily remarried and have a beautiful little boy with my new husband who loves me the way a man is suppose to love his wife.

  • Crystlrayne

    People judge my love life often. Or should I ay the lack of one. It does not bother me that I do not have one. However, many people say don’t worry you’ll meet someone someday. What if I don’t care to? I’m not against it, just not looking for it.

  • Richard Vargas

    My mom would always judge my choices when it came to my love life, and more often than not, she was right. You can’t beat a mother’s judgment.

  • Christy

    My sisters-in-law have judged my love life for 27 years (this week!!!!) My husband is the oldest and has 4 younger sisters. Since he is 20 years older than me that makes me about the same age as his “baby” sister. The war was on LOL When we first got married, they spread rumors all over our teeny tiny town that I was only after him for his money. It’s been 27 years!!! Girls, please tell me where that money is!!! I haven’t found it yet!!!!!!

  • Timothy Mccollum

    Never really who would care….

  • deedee walker

    OOOh My, I can’t count the times, Everyone always has something to say(to Judge) I really believe it’s cause they care(unless it’s a envious girlfriend, or male friend for that matter!

  • Toni Keller

    When I got pregnant with my first child at the age of 15 by 25 year old man. He knew at the time my real age and he still consisted to sexual intercourse with me six months later I was pregnant with my first child which was a boy which was his first son so I agreed to keep the child the relationship was really hard so I had to run away from home to keep my mother from putting him in jail for statutory rape.