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Answer our daily questions!

What is the daily question?Once a day (Monday through Friday), we post a daily question. You respond and share your opinion, sometimes for fun, sometimes for prizes. We pick our favorite responses as winners. See specific question posts for full details.

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  • henry v.

    happy father’s day

    • Derek L.

      Thank you henry V.

      • Kimberly A.


      • Theresa L.

        your welcome

    • Black Mesa S.

      happy mother day.

    • jessie t.


    • Theresa L.

      happy fathers day

    • Jaron G.

      The same to you!
      AND I have no kids.

    • Motuma K.

      happy fathers day to you too

  • Joan T.

    A Very Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there

    • ELVIS E.

      Thenk you…

      • Jaron G.

        your welcome.

    • Kimberly A.


      • Jaron G.

        Not even married.

    • Jaron G.

      and wish them many more, to come.

  • henry v.

    Thank You Joan T.

  • John P.

    This is great!

  • Pat M.

    A new experience for me.

    • Kimberly A.

      ME TOO!!

  • henry v.

    Thank you.
    i get payment of $50.00 today from VindaleResearch

    • elizabeth

      Awesome! Great work, Henry. 😀

    • amber w.

      How i want. That to

  • SURAJ L.

    Great contest which pays me

  • Bernalyn M.

    the best

  • Gladys P.

    .Great.c the best

  • Georgia S.

    Boar’s Head spicy Dill

  • yesinia H.

    Hi my friends n family hope everyone is safe from the hurricane I send my prayers n love to everyone.

    • elizabeth

      Thank you SO much for your kind and thoughtful words, Yesinia! You’re very sweet. 🙂

  • gulsoy d.

    so far so good. john

  • Ozie P.

    The best

  • Marlen p.



    i absolutely love this vindale research site!!!! easy way to earn some dough!!!!! 🙂

    • Theresa A.

      I agree been needing this for awhile now glad they found me

  • betty m.

    favorite things that comes in two’s is weekend days
    Love this research site any new samples?

  • Dawn M.

    Love this research account, it’s so easy to do!

  • ngoc v.

    hi, yesterday i got my check from Vindale amount $50.00 How is happy i am? i want to share this happy to my friends!
    Thank you very much.

    • cherelle b.

      hello what did you have to do to get that much money

  • Jessica P.

    Love this!

  • April B.

    I Love Christmas

  • jacquelyn c.

    Looking forward to new ideas and ways to earn money. Both can only enhance my life.(

  • Charlie P.

    great site, easy to do

  • roshall f.

    will be ready to win

  • Rosa G.

    Happy birthday

    • Mae M.

      Thank You

  • Denise A.

    Thank you very much. I never win anything.

  • Marlen p.

    Thank I really is may second payment thanks

  • Renee B.

    Hope You All Have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holiday and Stay Warm! Hope Your New Year is filled with Good Health, Great Times and True Friends!

    • elizabeth

      Hear, hear! Hope you have very happy holidays too, Renee! 😀

  • DeEtte K.

    Conan’ Obrien should play himself.. hope im doing this in the right place im new to this..

  • cindy b.

    I am NOT a Conan fan

  • david o.

    Hi everyone I’m not sure what to do. An anyone tell me

  • tyra y.

    conan o’goof ball

  • penny c.

    Just trying to make a buck .

  • Charlotte V N.

    I feel the same as pennyc., I’m just trying 2 make a buck.

  • richard g.

    a ‘REALLY COLD’ stream!

  • richard g.

    thought question was ‘where is favorite place to put feet’ [ i said ‘REALLY COLD’ stream [ but i might have ‘wrong question’ compared to other comments ]. maybe 1:15 a.m. is too late to enter! lol! happy Mother’s Day! richard ginty maybe i’ll quit sending ‘help’ messages [ didn’t mean to bother you ”VINDALE’ ]!

  • crystal f.

    supposed to be a tutorial but like everything else online its never ending

  • Veronica h.

    Don have a PC or credit card. And its hard to do some of the surveys. Got th discover card done but was declined. How or do I still paid for it.

  • kathryn k.

    Enjoyin this site is one of my favorite pasttimes. thanx so much

  • Valerie Z.

    Wow hope this site works I am having fun on my cell lol

  • Valerie Z.

    Mmmm both kids alseep and hubby at work minus have something to do

  • Danielle M.

    I love doing this it gives me extra money that I can use and something to do in my spare time.

    • Jo H.

      Frustrating, tho, when you’ve already spent 15 – 20 minutes on a survey, then, suddenly, you’re disqualified or it’s closed. When this happens over and over, how can that “extra money” ever actually materialize?

      • RoseMarie W.

        Jo, Don’t give up ! Just be persistent. I have reached the $50.00 goal twice and am on my way to a third. It can be done . I have only done this since August. It is frustrating at times but it will come together for you too. Good Luck!

  • Loretta K.

    Enjoying my spare time on vindale.

  • machell h.

    i also did the credit card thing and they declined me but now im not liking the fact that i am not getting surveys or studies on a regular basis. how long does it take to get money from this

  • Misty C.


  • victoria k.

    Its always talking bout complete an offer

    • Kimberly A.


  • Sara A.


  • Jamie R.

    sorry but I did not find a question other than how do you get paid and my answe is explore the site

  • Sheileagh L.

    unable to locate your site via facebook

  • Ian W.

    Have a Great Christmas All

    Don’t drink and drive

    Smile it’s easy

    Love and be Loved

  • Toni H.

    I’m learnin’, slow but sure…

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • amber c.

    So I take the survey get money on here but how do I get that in real money . I don’t get how its transferred .. please help me

  • amber c.

    I hope I did this right

  • Kardicia T.

    You can just call costumer service

  • Shari R.

    i hope i really get payed for this

  • jenna w.

    hope this works!!!

  • Rose C.

    This might be FUN!!!! Here we go!!!

  • johnny D.

    I like to try it out and get paid

    • Sara D.

      it cool

  • paul m.

    i like it

  • Karina G.

    very interesting

  • Tammy S.

    Let’ see if this works.

    • Annie k.

      Better than doing nothing.

  • Barbara R.

    Better than nothing….

  • Annie k.

    Try anything once….

  • Art S.

    Ask Away!

  • Juanita P.


  • Chester Gabriel I.


  • Ericka Monique C.

    im ready

  • Donna A.

    Happy Valentines everyone

  • Donna A.

    how do we get more paid surveys?

  • Suzanne H.

    Love Vindale’s

  • Stephanie V.

    LOL! I never qualify for any surveys!!

    • Jim B.

      m too I feel like something is wrong with me…..

  • Mary C.

    Need more surveys!

  • janet h.

    well let’s just wait and see what’s next!

  • Timothy N.

    How does this work?

  • Angela B.

    You just named your “Restaurant” How does this work? and 20 people that type something randomly will be selected to get paid $.50. Am I getting this right? Lol! I’d call my place Angelita’s Salsarita! Mexican American cuisine! Hot dogs for those kiddos who don’t like adventure!

  • crystal b.

    has anyone gotten enough to cash out

  • Doris c c.

    need more surveys i love vidale

    • jackie m.

      Me too

  • Kimberly B.

    I’m still very new at this and really not sure what I am supposed to do here…but as far as my opinion of Vindale so far its alright but I would like to be able to qualify for more surveys and also would like to do more things that don’t require a credit card….I would love to be able to test products with the option of keeping them or not but I dont think we should have to pay for the products just to test them

  • jackie m.

    You do and submit surveys

  • juan j g.


  • Edward C.

    I don’t see a question

  • Ruthann R.

    I don’t see a question either

  • Cheryl E.

    my favorite animal that doesn’t have feet is a seal

  • Karen B.

    i love dolpin

  • Louis D.

    My favorite animal with no feet is the whale.

  • Aline M.

    My favorite animal with no feet is the dolphin

  • Tammy M.

    My favorite would be an angel fish

  • Susan O.

    I would have to say dolphin

  • Wendy E.


  • judy j.

    my favorite animal w/o feet is an otter – they’re adorable & great swimmers

  • Samantha G.

    Jellyfish are my favorite. They have been around almost 700 million years. They are 95 percent water, and don’t even have what we would consider a brain. And they are still smarter then dogs.

  • Irisel L.


  • James D.



    Am in kenya and can’t qualify for any survey,
    what will i do ?!

    • elizabeth

      I’m afraid we don’t offer surveys to respondents in your area at this time. Best of luck, Samuel.

  • Alexander S.


  • Vanna W.


  • Janet C.

    Without a doubt it would be a dolphin..they are so beautiful!

  • Maurice S.


  • Stan J.


  • Leanne P.

    I like snakes

  • Erika R.


  • Darryl B.

    I love dolphins

  • lyubov g.

    love it

  • Melissa T.

    Burmese python!

  • glenda s.

    have a blessed day

  • JaneS3

    My favorite animal without feet would have to be the seahorse. If you’ve ever seen one you would know how adorable they are.

  • my favorite animal without feet would have to be a great white shark

  • john Smith


  • goldfish

  • Nancy L

    whales, they are so magestic

  • Barbara

    my favorite is the dolphin! Beautiful, friendly, majestic!!

  • johnwayne1

    I love baby elephants.

  • Laura Quayle

    Can anyone tell me when 12pm EST is in the UK?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Vindale

      New York 12:00 PM = London 5:00 PM

      • Laura Quayle

        Thank you!

        • Vindale

          You’re very welcome!

  • Vindale

    You should try out the daily questions (see how above) to supplement daily study income. Sorry you’re frustrated. I can assure you, though, we’re not suckering you. We pay members out every pay period. We know at times it can be slow going. But you’re so close … hope you stick with it, Terrie.

  • Vindale

    We are constantly working to find new surveys, studies and reward mails for our members. When these become available, we will notify our members by posting the information on the website or by emailing you.

    In the meantime, you should know we offer fun, easy extras and other earning opportunities on:

    * Refer a friend page:

    * Facebook:

    * Twitter:

    * Blog:

    * Pinterest:

    * Newsletter

  • Vindale

    We believe we have fixed the out of country issue for you. Please allow up to 3 days for our systems to update. If you still see the error after that time, please let us know.

  • Vindale

    Terrie, what is your referral link? I will look at your account and see if I find anything.

  • Catherine Bouancheaux-Tampigny

    Can you tell me what time is it in Québec Canada when it’s 12 pm EST…. thanks a lot

  • Rachel Doering

    I am having issues with Vindale. I tried to do a live chat on the Vindale Research website and received a message saying that they were not available, so I left a message. When I checked my emails all I received was a newsletter and surveys so I checked my inbox and they posted a message saying I had a visitor and what my message to Vindale was. I tried calling today and did not get any where with that because Vindale only has an automated system handling the calls. I am getting close to earning $50 dollars and I am getting frustrated with this company when it comes to finding out how to submit a payment request. In my frustration when I called the number again I selected option 1 which cancels your membership when all I wanted to do was talk to a person on the phone. I do not have an extension number and there wasn’t one given in the contact section of the site. I did not intend to cancel my membership, it looks so far like everything is still active, I still have access to my information on the site but have not tried to enter into any of the surveys that were sent to me by email or the ones that are posted on the site. I went to the frequently asked questions section and sent a message but I won’t hear back from the company until sometime next week. I am not sure what to do. I enjoy filling out the surveys and would like to retain my membership, can someone please help me with these issues?
    Rachel Doering

    • Vindale

      Rachel, what is your referral link?

  • Yes Im stuck at 49.33 and not qualifying for anything….or I spend time doing the long ones and get near the end and I get thrown out saying their quota was reached…That really makes me upset…Come on Vindale, once you start one you should be able to finish it, not just waste OUR time.Hope it gets better for all!

    • Tony P.

      You’re one or two away from a payout whenever I get that close I do the little ones for less money and then I reach it,hope we both get our PayPal payment on the 15th see you then.

    • Vindale

      Many of our studies need to collect data from you to determine if you qualify to continue to complete it. During this process, surveys may reach their quota. We apologize for this frustration as we understand it can be disheartening for members. We do offer lots of extras on the blog to help you along. Our next payday is September 15, so hopefully you can find a survey or blog extra to help you get to your goal by that time.

  • Tony P.

    It’s so much fun and when you get that first payment you’ll be all so happy and proud.

  • Tony P.

    Terrie you need to try a mix of the large and small surveys to see which ones suit you Vindale will try and the same,but if you just wait on them to send you surveys instead being like others and myself who come to the site where there is a great deal of surveys to choose from as well as videos and other things,I wish well in your further surveys,have a good day.

  • Vindale

    Terrie, we apologize for your frustration. As Tony said, it’s first-come, first-served. Many surveys fill up fast. So during periods where you notice you qualify less, you may want to jump on surveys faster to make sure they don’t get taken. Also, do you participate in the blog extras? We post them every business day here on the blog and they can be a good way to help supplement survey earnings. Here’s a link to today’s question:

  • sarah

    Vindale is a wonderful company to do surveys with. And they do pay.I got my first check.I was so excited to get anything from on line. Keep working hard to qualify for the survey.!!!!!!!!!

  • Susie M

    I love Vindale, they are honest and even though you can get stuck, keep trying. I get thrown out at the last minute too, but try and not get frustrated. I’m going to try and take some of the little surveys that don’t require a Credit Card. I just don’t want to get stuck with 3,000 emails from some place that I signed up with. That hardly worth $1 payout.

  • Sandra Calamease

    Looking to try another part…

  • robin

    I got my first check last week and it came in handy for an unexpected bill. Im looking forward to continue doing more surveys

    . Thanks vindale

    • Vindale

      Well done, robin, thank YOU!

    • arkia lewis

      Hi Robin,

      Don’t mean to be so personal. I just became a member. And was wondering did they mail you a check your home?

  • Om

    Good question.

    I’m happiest for everyone I love and being around for those that I love and also I’m happiest for anyone, if I’m the reason for their happiness.

  • Destiny Constantin