$1 June 2017 caption challenge 1

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  • MT

    I try to do manly stuff shirtless, it makes it more manly.

  • Mary

    “I mean…if you can’t open the pickle jar, it might be time to see other people. I’m not ready to give up pickles.”

  • If dad can’t open it, nobody can!!

  • Bluberry72

    Learn how to build huge neck muscles for only $300 a month

  • Andrew Reynolds

    I really need to hit the gym!!!

  • MyKinKStar

    Okay, so every morning this is what I do to maintain my muscle strength. Best exercise ever, cause my diet is all about what’s in jars only!

  • Karen T

    All Strain; No Gain!

  • Mrs Ed

    Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers……..it was a lot easier than opening this jar!

  • Kari McDowell

    How hard can this be?

  • DM

    I should have let my wife open it. But no I told her I got this!

  • Coryn

    Basically, I’m in a pickle.

  • Paul Clément

    All this humiliation… for a pickle?

  • Kota N Spencer Cobb

    when a man pretends is actually as hard to open as his girlfriend says it is

  • kandeels

    What a waste of time, I workout and still the pickle jar is stronger!!

  • Stacie Snow

    I think I should have ate me some spinach!

  • Deb

    We’re in a pickle. First, fake news, now fake muscles.

  • Richard Vargas

    Men who can open a pickle jar, give yourselves 10 points.

  • Rachelle Collette

    The alpha male fails the attempt of impressing his lover.

  • Tabitha Feliciano

    If my wife can do it, then so can I!!

  • Carl

    No loss! Looks like pickled Brussels Sprouts, anyway.

  • Marcus

    When you win a jar of pickles neck minnit can’t open the jar

  • Sarah Turner

    I guess I need a woman to open this jar of pickles. At lest they can open it for me.

  • Sylvia

    Pickles, $2.25. Chiropractor, $225.

  • Brian Vaughn

    When guys go to the gym for a day and feel like superman, but then reality hits…

  • Manda Elizabeth

    Yep. She’s definately mad at me.

    She been working out more too…

    Honey, I’m sorry. Will you open this please?

  • Merm123

    Darn, I knew I should have bought one of those rubbery jar openers!

  • ramadevi

    Sometimes brain power is better than muscle power. Just hold the bottle upside down, pat it 3 times and open it. That all. Give a trail.

  • Jason Provo

    We also have a “25 cent swear jar” in the house and if I cant get these Kosher Dills open in time for supper, I’m gonna be filling up that “other” jar so fast my retirement will be taken care of by the end of the day!

  • Dean Douglas

    What a pickle of a situation

  • Lynn

    Check out my pecs and biceps; and I was able to get this fit in just 90 years!!

  • Ryan Anderson

    When you wanna get buff while you are still working your butt off.


    “I’ll get that for you, Honey”

  • Adrienne White

    Say, Honey-
    Can you help me get out of a pickle?! I’m trying to open a jar of these special pickles from our friends at Vindale Research. Their pickles contain some their special ingredients of surveys, daily caption contests, and online surveys used in their special recipe juice. I want to just taste one Vindale research pickle!!! PLEASE, HONEY!!!

  • Nicole D. C

    All this working out has done nothing for my grib.

  • Scott Knox

    I NEED what’s in that jar

  • Robin R B

    Watch my MMA skills open this jar!

  • Cassie Robinson

    “She’s finally in the mood and I can’t get into the condoms!!”

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    There is no way I can screw up this pregnancy craving for my wife. I think I just saw her head do a 360. Please open pickle jar..PALEASEEEEEEEEE

  • Melissa Furr

    Honey, I loosened it, can you get it now?

  • Sje L. Robinson

    I can do this!!!

  • Rachel

    “She HAD to go out with the girls, now I can’t finish making my sandwich!”

  • Marce McHone

    aging sucks!!

  • Hirianys Castle

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a0ad227f158c7d5e76fc79b766fbc3d2c18d6d6ecc3657285d4bfbb252b8ac8c.jpg I swear my muscles are not photoshop, but was Hulk who closed this jar.

  • Sunkmanitu Walking Elk

    Help! i need to open this jar of fingers!

  • carpediem5790

    Dear, this is a DILLY of a jar, and I RELISH the idea of opening these pickles for you, but if you keep yelling and GHERKIN my chain, it may end up being a JARRING experience!

    • Dicksy Maneschyn

      Love it!

  • Sharon Lyn Frazier Edwards


  • Denise N.

    When failing isn’t an option.

  • Rochelle Pieper

    Where is my wife when I need her?

  • Yamira Vazquez

    I may have the whole body paralyzed with muscle spasms for a few days, but I will open this jar, because I will open it!!! That is one of the pleasures of my culinary life!

  • JunsHoneyBee

    Let me loosen that for you!

  • Maddie Lessard

    It’s open… I’m only pretending…. How’s it look? Impressive?

  • Surveys Profit

    So much for the workout….

  • Mikhayla Perez

    When you’re trying to impress her but you skipped arm day at the gym

  • Rob Merritt

    Popeye was never the same after he gave up spinach for pickles.

  • Adebayo Olaoluwa

    bad pickers

  • ramadevi

    Uhhh….my muscles not working even after workout.

  • Nisha

    Trust me,you can do it.

  • jock

    Dude pop it from behind!

  • sesa sepopo


  • goldi111

    Where IS my wife when I need her!?! I have a craving!!

  • Cristina Grunfeld

    Sometimes life messes up and you get a jar of pickles instead of a few lemons


    This just in:


  • Thabo Sibanda

    Don’t give up in no matter what you do.

  • Sherry Amerson

    What a pickle

  • Rachel Rodarte

    not another jar of pickles,

  • TinaMaria Martell

    Ergh! Where is my wife when I need her?!

  • Carol Miller

    Why am I paying to go to the gym every day to improve my upper body strength? It would be cheaper to keep buying these pickle jars and working with them instead.

  • Cameron Knowlton

    If i dont eat one of these pickles within the next few minutes, ill go dill-erious

  • M spencer

    I did not want pickles that bad in the first place

  • Kelcie Brain

    High expectations

  • Kelcie Brain


  • C_ntamination

    And I try and I try and I try…

  • ramadevi

    Someone want to check my strength.

  • And this is why you cant let a man do a woman’s job

  • GSKI

    Rule 3: Feats of Strength

    Happy Festivus! I mean….Father’s Day

  • Andre Boyer

    Buddy needs a jar opener?

  • Dani Toma


  • Jonathan Robbins

    If Zack Snyder directed a movie about an indestructible, super-strength jar, this would be the poster.

  • Julia Araujo

    Veg om ‘n dieet HOU!

  • luisino

    Mommy …… stayed stuck to my fingers !!! Help me take it off!

  • James Ogle

    Nothing can beat one of Grandma’s Pickles, you know she jars them herself…

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    My arthritis must be acting up again!

  • Sherry Amerson

    Well this is a fine pickle of a situation

  • Dawn Vega

    When you are being weaned off of pickles!

  • Jonas Henrique

    Não é apenas um pote e o charme para abri-lo…que nos tornam irreverentes

  • Rose Savoy Curran

    That woman sure is a dilly ! She knew as soon as she left I would get into that bottle so she put super glue on the cover and she sure has me in a pickle !

  • Wes Poag

    Mjoulnir Pickles. Are you worthy?

  • Irene McKenney

    I said that I could open any jar. Low & behold I had to get my hubby to do. I ate my words.

  • Christine Hennigar

    Where is my wife when i need her!!!!

  • Asheley Ortega

    I need to go to the gym more.This mussels are dissolving!!

  • Mellisa Krystina Krell

    Wheres my wife when i need her???

  • Mellisa Krystina Krell

    Year 2052: study case #33087 male gets pickle cravings.

  • deedee walker

    When the going gets tough, the tough get hungry

  • Heather Marie

    tight pickles

  • datpham

    Looks like he’s trying to get the pickles ?
    Nope. He just realized he’s missed some high paid surveys

  • Janet Williamson

    Yeah babe I can open it for you because as you know us males can always open what you females can’t ” grabs jar” Arghhhh wtf the jar must be faulty return it to the store

  • Karen

    give from your overflow

  • Lin Zheng

    Man’s greatest struggle

  • Tbag

    No pain, no gain, no pickles! I better be turning this the right way..

  • Rose Kim

    Pickles have me worked up all the time. It’s a love-hate relationship…hate opening the jar but enjoy finishing the jar.

  • Louise Smith

    “I been skiving off from the gym & now I’m in a pickle !”

  • Jacqueline Sue Radford

    What’s a guy gotta do to get his hands on a pickle?

  • Renee Korona

    Fail of the weak…

  • Dominique DeVies

    Wow! What an example of an easy great work out for the entire upper body. No Treadmill, weights, pulleys, barbells, etc. NEEDED. It’s time to call Granny for the rubber jar opener. Hope the jar contents are not sour.

  • Olivia

    Who needs a gym membership?

  • JunsHoneyBee

    Looks like someone forgot to eat there WHEATIES!

  • Ray Ayala

    I’m sure it’s righty tighty lefty loosey…or is it the other way around?

  • Noel Stewart

    When are they going to quit making child-proof bottles?

  • Barb

    Im a eggplant absorbing everything

  • Luanne Vickery

    I almost have it, just a little more!

  • Cayla Odom

    Must. Eat. Soon.

  • Angela Coleman

    Gym membership…Priceless

  • BlendBackground

    This is why the government is doing what it is doing. Because it thinks someone needs help opening a jar, of pickles? KMA. That’s a pictures of Matley by the way everyone. Ain’t he so strong? Why can’t he do it? Open the JAR? I like GHERKIN the chain below 😉 Ok…. Loosen it up Baby…. or open it up baby, Matley is standing there waitin’, he was hired to see what is feels like to be touched between the legs and now he has to go house to house to see if you all feel the same way, or however it is that you all feel… The gov’t can do those types of things?

  • Jacqueline Smith

    Where’s the Missus?…lol

  • mohammad J

    ohh shit..just pooped..

  • PP

    When you should have your neck in your hands…..

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    These are the days I miss my daughter. Argh.

  • Patricia Symons

    I will not let her open it with the tap of her spoon again