$1 March 2017 Caption Challenge

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  • Dangeruzz Gaming

    ” stop eating all the lettuce , your being Shellfish! “

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Hey. I like your shell. Wanna go out?

  • Casimina Doner

    Sue, just because you’re going vegan, doesn’t mean I have to too!!

  • jennyjet

    We should hit the salad bar more often!

  • MyKinKStar

    “I love you, but please stop eating so loud!” “Huh? Okay, sorry, nom, nom, nom.”

  • Karen T

    “The little girl next door plucked my Daisy and she tore it apart saying something about He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not!”…
    ” Well I love you, so here, you can have mine.”

  • DM

    This doesn’t taste like chicken!

  • 77giggles

    (one on left) Who drew the pic of the panda on my shell?? Why are his paws reaching for my neck??

    • Deb

      Very observant, I had to look again to find it.

      • 77giggles

        LOL thanks!

        • linda

          Me too

  • Stacie Snow

    I told you all they had here was salad!!

  • Deb

    Two turtles make a pair.

  • Danna

    Slow love❤️

  • Anthony Taylor

    “Get your face out of your food for one second! One second! I want to have a conversation during dinner for once!”

  • Ashley Polley

    Marge I’m telling you, daisy leaves are the new superfood!!

  • Christy

    Touch that flower and I’ll flip you over and leave you there!

  • deedee walker

    Nice picnic, but Sweety….Where’s the Beef!

  • Merm123

    Dear, whats taking you so long to eat your dinner? Would you prefer turtle soup ??

  • MT

    I think we should take our relationship slow…

  • Christopher Therien

    Hell yea… I told you this one had the flower.

  • Natania

    The turtle on the left gives the turtle on the right a flower and says, “Wow baby, you sure do look turtle-ish-eous!”

  • Tammy Boyd

    What am i a rabbit or a turtle

  • Paul Clément

    This restaurant idea of yours sucks, man! Next time, my place!

  • Nicole D. C

    Fastest one gets the flower.

  • macmurry

    Thanks for the flower.

  • ramadevi

    Happy valentines. We go green.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    “Psst – hey you gonna eat that? I’ll clean your bed for a month if you pass it over”

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    Great salad my turtle love!

  • Erin Estilette

    So this is what flower power is all about?

  • Teresa Rojas

    I hope you like this fine restaurant I picked.

  • Richard Vargas

    Why do you have to be such a copycat?

  • Danielle Jean-Marie

    Hey your eating my lunch

  • Kari McDowell

    Your place or mine?

  • Connie St. John

    I say we go grab a burger

  • Aleacia Therese

    Natural selection: turtles over flowers

  • Jason Provo

    “THIS? is the all-you-can-eat salad bar??”
    “Well, that’s what’s left of it after we took our sweet time getting here from our table…”

  • reha

    Touch that flower and I’ll flip you over and leave you there!

  • michele

    such a slow start for spring.

  • Sylvia

    Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon?

  • Bryan Williams

    Turtle Ninja Power! http://tryvindale.com/VzmcMlpj

  • Lynn P

    Aren’t there supposed to be books between us?

  • Brooke Schell

    if you try to steal my lunch, you’re gonna be pushin daisies, bro

  • Brian Vaughn

    ” When you take someone out to eat and they only order a salad “

  • Yvon Malenfant

    Boy, do these leaves ever taste bitter!

  • Sonya

    This DANDELION is making me THISTY!

  • vancty69

    Let go my Flower

  • Klash-NYC

    OK, who’s the wise guy who started the rumor we’re vegetarians?

  • Carol Miller

    Hey, leave some for me.

  • Manwinder Kaur

    Going to prepare chamomile tea for my bloated stomach !!

  • Harvey Collins

    That awkward moment when you smell a fart and you know that it wasn’t you.

  • Haven’t You Heard

    Lettuce eat.

  • Candy

    I got you babe!!

  • John Casagni

    You gonna eat that daisy?


    Excelente post!!

  • Michael Chapman

    Would you prefer Green Goddess or Strawberry Vinaigrette?

  • edeliz

    I never promised you a rose garden…

  • Anna Hoy

    I believe in Love Baby…Do You

  • Taylor Genee Hattley

    Were fighting for those flowers!

  • MyKinKStar

    “Blahhh! You have got to be the worst cook in the world!”

  • Mark Hall

    Must be spring, we are on that daisy diet again.

  • April Utt Butler

    “Oh Margaret they caught us! Quick, be still! They’ll think we’re lawn ornaments!”

  • Sheila Moore

    Honey, I said I’d go on a diet with you, but this is ridiculous!

  • Nancy Roberts

    “Eat your greens, dear. And your yellows, and your whites.”

  • Damian D-Bo Diiablo

    “Leave Me Alone”

  • carpediem5790

    What do you want in your green smoothie dear? Kale, Daisy or Bamboo?
    Kale or Daisy, NO bamboo! The last time I ate Bamboo, I got this Panda on my back!

  • linda

    Seriously…. This?!?! Where’s the beef?

  • 100_traysosa_lv

    “Did someone say, bring your own flower?”

  • Candy Troth

    I’m so glad we slowed down long enough to smell the flowers

  • Howard

    He took me out on a date and brought me a daisy doesn’t he know it’s a weed. “Bad date”.

  • Dawn Vega

    I bought you a flower because love should be simple. I also brought some arugula because it is spicy just like you.

  • Sara DuVall

    Where’s the dressing?

  • Angie Beedie

    Wanna Race?

  • Rose Kim

    Whoa! Slow down, don’t inhale your salad!

  • Jijie Paran-Forsythe

    meatless Mondays be like…

  • Monica Nicole

    Let’s Just Take Things Slow.

  • Marie Angelie Delima

    What kind of leaf is this, Joey? This is “turtley” delicious.

  • Surveys Profit

    ‘Let’s have a quickie after some food.’
    ‘Including the flower?’

  • Joey Why

    So the one turtle says to the other turtle…”weed definitely should eat this”.

  • Melanie Allard

    -On the side is the big thing for you.
    -I just like my salad the way I want it. With the flower on the side.
    -I know, high maintenance..

  • Cindy S Mason

    Hey honey…I’m sick of salad. Let’s go out for pizza!

  • Judith Nelson

    How often do you come here to eat

  • Christina

    #captionthis IDA(the tur-tle): “Frank, I told you to wash off that skull tattoo!” ” How “hareless of you!” (no pun intended “tortoise and the Hare”).

  • Diane Lane

    Salad again

  • Gwendolyn Gallant

    You only give me flowers when your guilty of something

  • Matthew Townsend

    Right turtle: “I don’t think the salad is as fresh as-”

    Left Turtle: “I know about you and Steve”

  • Sherri Maughan

    With this flower, I thee wed.

  • Bobby Ray Hickman

    You can pout all you want but no dessert flower until you have eaten all your greens first!

  • Bandana Tudu

    So near yet so far!!!

  • Massisali Sali


  • Monica Nicole

    Turtle (right) “You know what this needs?” Turtle (left) “No. What? A dollop of daisy?” Turtle (right) “Oh, slow your roll, funny girl.” Turtle (left) ~~Do-do a dollop of Daisy~~ Turtle (right) “What the shell?”

  • Billy Currie

    The only Daisey i like is Daisey Duke,

  • Gerri Arthur Barnett

    Tut Tut Daisey

  • bamby hiroki

    woow this tuttle use skull tatoo xD in the shell

  • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

    Oh my is this the only thing we eating salad and why one flower.❤

  • kathy boismier

    First one to finish their salad get the dessert flower… and Go

  • Pam

    Oh Henry why can’t you just wait for the meal to come?

  • jessie

    It doesn’t smell like oregano!!!

  • QB J

    thats love & care

  • Hélène Marcelin

    I got here first !

  • Jenn J

    “This salad is organic, right Harold?”
    “Sure dear”

  • Sandra Chouinard

    Take time to smell the daisies

  • Amanda

    Slower than a turtle

  • Doug Thompson

    You always get the flower!

  • Kelly

    Stop eating so fast, dear. Slow down!

  • common_sense_so_not_common

    “When your wife goes on a health kick and these are your options…”

  • Jen Estrela

    Son, finish all of your veggies before me and you can get a Skull tattoo on your shell just like mine

  • Chris

    First one who smelt it, dealt it….

  • mymarkx

    I’ve lost ten pounds since we started this diet, but most of it was carapace.

  • Nicole Cotton

    Are you going to say thank you?


    Does anyone wants a piece of the wedding cake? I would like the flower piece. LOL

  • PJ

    Good vs Evil

  • Robin R B

    Do you have any Grey Poupon?

  • Linda Faye Jenkins Skinner

    Oh know Salad for dinner again .

  • Kevin Drake

    Lunch Time!

  • Dianne Crawford

    I bet I can eat all this much faster than you Fran!!!

  • Tracy Lee Breyette

    I’m not eating this s#!t !!

  • Anna Burt

    “Slow down Earl, you’ll choke!”

  • Bonnie Holowachuk Brodsky

    I am not the salad and water type girl!!

  • Bonnie Holowachuk Brodsky

    Where’s the beef???

  • Kelcie Brain

    “Good morning Ralph”, “Good morning Joe”, Ugh! “That bloom is mine sweet cheeks, you ate the last one”

  • Janie Cabrera

    60 long years together and you still eat as slow as a tortoise!

  • Pat Galanffy

    Sharing Is Caring

  • Lacey Dawes

    I “shell” eat this lettuce!

  • Ayach Nezha

    Un délice !

  • Kaylyn Elzaharna

    This is what you wanted for your LAST MEAL?????

  • tiffany

    Salad again…I want a divorce

  • Samuel Dread

    Lol that’v very touching.

  • Helen Morag McKinnon

    I’ll give you a daisy, a-day, dear!!!!

  • Chastitee Bowman

    Slow eater

  • Karen Serra

    Honey, I love you and I wanted you to have something special for dinner so I made you mixed greens, and the daisy is for dessert! Bona Petite

  • Luciane Azevedo

    uma imagem grotesca através de uma atitude delicada.

  • s graystone

    Is anybody going to eat that last napkin?

  • Sue Long

    Salad again?

  • Sylvia Winstead

    YING- YANG — in armor!! We were too slow. All the bamboo is gone!!

  • Dianna Breland Strahan

    Just once, I would like a steak with this salad! Diet Shmiet.

  • Aimee Allan

    Lettuce? What so they think we are, Rabbits?

  • Wayne Kosik

    Shared lunch where the beach know

  • Robin R B

    This salad is turtlicious!!