$1 July 2017 Caption Challenge 3

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  • Merm123

    My lady bug bath 🙂

  • Erin Estilette

    Only a real lady can gracefully walk in this direction.

  • Adrienne White

    ” I must be very careful not to fall from the tight rope! It is very slick!

  • Tyler J Reynolds

    How much further until the next restroom, I’ve been holding this in all day?!?!

  • Eric Madore

    To be a tightrope walker for the cirque du soleil, it’s a hard job to do when
    you are under the rope.

  • Shayla Williams

    Just hold on & keep moving beautiful!

  • Richard Vargas

    I heard of flipping a bird, but flipping a bug?

  • ramadevi

    ” I see the sky is same blue color even I see it up side down”.

  • Surveys Profit

    With my multiple legs, this is all too easy!

  • deedee walker

    If I don’t make the tightrope, I can “like a lady” fly away

  • MT

    In everyone’s life, a little rain must fall.

  • Bagan Bilash

    Rises and falls of fortune, in the way my rhythm towards you.

  • Ray Ayala

    This is why I never go to the circus. Tight wire acts are overrated.

  • Noel Stewart

    I’m changing my name from Lady Bug to Lady Tarzan!

  • Jason Provo

    I need a new job…everyday, this commute to work through a no-fly zone. I might as well have been an ant…
    (ok…just dont look down…dont look down….)

  • Deb

    Ladies..don’t let it bug you. One day your world gets turned upside down and then you have bladder leakage…life happens…

  • Maya16

    Never UNDERESTIMATE a Lady!

  • Kari McDowell

    What a way to take a drink home!

  • DM

    Beautiful Ladybug raindrops.

  • kathtastik

    This Lady shows us yet again that girls can do whatever boys can do, even when it’s shimmying along a blade of grass upside down!

  • Carol Miller

    Call me crazy but I feel like bird seed all of a sudden. Maybe he won’t see me if I walk upside down.

  • dottie p

    hold tight don’t fall don’t fall

  • Nicole D. C

    I can’t take one more drop of water….

  • Heather Alex Nunn


    The pull up cont continues

  • Brian Vaughn

    I hate being a male ladybug. I’m a lazybug if anything!

  • Kerry Tompsett

    Even when you think times are tough and you can’t make it, keep on chugging along.

  • Melissa Furr

    Hang on kids, mama’s got your bath water comin’.

  • Casimina Doner

    Whose idea was it for the upside down slip n slide?!?!?!?!

  • LuAnne Vickery

    I can do it, I can do it, sweat, sweat, One leg at a time.

  • Chatejah George

    yeah ok im a lady

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    I got this! Slow and steady I’ll get every last drop!

  • glyzhelle

    A lady that never bugs!:):):)

  • carpediem5790

    I went to the flea circus to see the show,
    I went myself cuz no one else would go,
    The fleas were talented I want you to know,
    but the Ladybug on the tightrope stole the show!

  • Theresa Holly

    It is nice to see the wolrd upside down

  • Debasish Chatterjee

    Shouldn’t drink that much water it’s making me go all around

  • Rusty Carper

    Why use a leaf, when you can use a water droplet to cover your “private parts.”

  • Marce McHone

    Time to take over the world!

  • Nisha

    In life, you only get one chance, grab it strongly!

  • Sarah Turner

    How do am I to get things done when there is water in my way. This is the worst grass ever!!!!

  • Gary

    The things I go through just to get to the store. sheesh!

  • Melissa Ferguson

    Free as a lady bug

  • Louise Willett

    Wow a whole other perspective from here

  • Sylvia

    Last time I follow my GPS!

  • juris klavins

    Hang in there, little lady :o)

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    lady luck…hanging on by a thread

  • BradandNatalie Gray

    I’m not heavy, it’s just water weight.

  • Dejah Fowler

    The walk of life.

  • Do not look down, do not look down…. I can do this… I will survive!!

  • Rich Duda

    I love just hanging around like this.

  • Chris

    Johnny Cash’s afterlife as a ladybug “Walking the Line”

  • carol

    If the rain would only stop. Carrying one droplet up this green thing is hard enough.


    We got this, Ladies.

  • F Hicks

    Just dont wiggle this thing I had a heavy night partying and not sure if I can hang on if you do.

  • Allsorce News

    Lets all pretend that this bug isn’t doing something amazing.

  • Angry Ant

    It’s a long way to the top if you wanna ladybug.

  • brent

    Life is always beautiful, even upside down

  • Renee Smith

    Why did I train to be a tight rope walker? Here I am hanging upside down again and soaking wet. Sigh!

  • Millington

    I’m turning the world upside down.

  • jennyjet

    “Snug as a bug in a rug”

  • JOsborn

    “Balancing work and home life can be difficult; even harder if you’re a parent. You might even feel as if you’re hanging on by a thread.”


    Ladybug turning over a new leaf.

  • Lachlan Johnson

    lol jk I can fly…noobs.

  • Renae Brannon

    I think I can, I think I can…..

  • Sharon Todd-Martinez

    “Excuse me lady, is he bugging you?”

  • Sherry Amerson

    Just hangin’ out

  • Laurie

    Natures Bidet!

  • Missy Krisik

    Little Lady Bugs?

  • JunsHoneyBee

    I’m so glad that I’m the first one in line for “black Friday.”

  • Pamela Treviño

    Hold on loosely but don’t let it go

  • Adam Partridge

    I think I can I think I can…. Please this is my last drop of water then Im going to relax on a leaf!!!

  • mohammad J

    I’m gonna sticky icky all over tis stick baby…ooooh yeh…

  • Pubudus Samarasekara

    Bug in a circus

  • Traversing the Upside Down. Stranger Things indeed.

  • shouldn’t have switched to decaf

  • M spencer

    Help I’m falling

  • Maddie Lessard

    Help me I’m falling

  • Shelly LeVesconte

    Never look back

  • Lynn King McKinney

    I admit this isn’t my normal Ladylike position.

  • Diane Lane

    Keeping my shape with my morning workout.

  • Chewy.Mangos

    im gay

  • Rhonda Cox

    Only 500 more steps, I’m half way there, only 500 more steps.

  • Jan Karl Arcayos

    Aiming for what you desire is what makes us alive. Nothing is impossible, you can do it if you try and try.

  • Karen Hach

    Hangin’ on for dear life.

  • Malcolm Green

    Yahoo!! I always wanted to Zipline.

  • Rochelle Pieper

    Take a stroll they said! Gonna be a beautiful day they said!!! Stupid weather man is never right!

  • Verónica Rolón

    Why didn’t I bring the GPS?

  • This pole dancing gig is not paying off like they told me it would.

  • Barbara Edwards

    ohhhhhhh shooooooooot dont look down, dont look down, almost there!!!!

  • Judith Krasuski

    if I can only hang in a little while longer..i will get there

  • Paige Kostyniuk

    And I had to buy the wrong size walking shoes again. So disappointed.

  • Hailey Mcmullen

    Bubble butt

  • Ally Strong

    “You think I’m pretty now, just wait until the light hits me, that’s when I shine!”

  • lee

    Bladder incontinence…

  • Gunadasa Nugawela

    Hurry up ladybug summer is diminishing fast. Don’t fly, just crawl