$1 January 2017 Caption Challenge 2

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You must:

  1. Be at least 18.
  2. Agree to our full rules.
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  4. Write a 1 – 100 word caption for the photo above.
  5. Post your caption in the comments to this blog post.
  6. We’ll pick our favorites based on originality, eloquence and creativity.
  7. Check our blog February 1st, 2017, to see if you’re one of the 5 clever winners!

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  • ramadevi

    2017 is very positive and hopeful year for the future. God bless everyone with better future.

  • ramadevi

    The cutie Kitty is so beautiful, I want to kiss her. So adorable.

  • Kari McDowell

    No one puts baby in the corner.

  • MyKinKStar

    I’m a pretty girl, dressed up and ready to face what will be my best year ever! Get yourself into something fancy and join me!

  • Leah Gibson

    I’m ready for my close-up meow.

  • kandeels

    How did get the job of being the Red Hat Society mascot???

  • Christina G’Angeli

    i was told we where having fancy feast

  • Diane Krumenaker Eugenio

    Revenge is a dish served cold, just like my dinner!

  • Kassie Kelly

    I said good day!

  • Susan Campton

    Yes, I look adorable, I’m still going to kill you in your sleep..

  • amanda cadena

    Your looking at the next model for kittens… say hello to miss purrty in pink!

  • Richard Vargas

    This look is straight off the catwalk.

  • dottie p

    i’m a purrrfect little lady. purrrty in pink

  • Nicole Eskew

    Out with old in with the new. A New year with a very good look for a very wise cat. Have a purfect year everyone!!!

  • Paul Clément

    Aren’t I the purrrrrtiest thing you ever did see?

  • MT

    For me, nothing but Fancy Feast will do.

  • Jan Michael Vincent

    Why waste all this yarn?? I don’t make you sweater’s out of Xbox’s…

  • Judi Blueye

    My hat strategically dipped below one eye: You suppose “You’re So Vain” was really about ME?

  • Nathan Jackson

    Join me for tea time and meow-chies..

  • michele


  • Roderica Smith

    Just call me Marie Catoinette!!

  • Deb Mahaney-Wood

    Well this time my human didn’t ask permission to dress me, but I do look fine as wine!

  • Brian Vaughn

    Meowterial Girl

  • Maritza

    Eat your heart out baby.

  • Tim McArthur


  • dapuma

    I dont get what the big deal about dressing up is… My friends hate it!

  • Vanessa Knudtson

    cat in the classy hat

  • Christine Dimmitt

    Fashion is a kind of communication. It’s a language without words. A great hat speaks for itself…Well my hat tells me that my owner needs to get a new hobby !!

  • Cliff Taylor

    The cat looks like a serious person, her hat is very nice, would like to meet her some day, as I love pets.

  • Natania

    “I’m Sexy and I know it”

  • Christy

    Dahling, does this sweater make me look fat?

  • Erin Estilette

    Puuurfectly pretty in pink!

  • Trevor Ireland

    "Second place was just a nice title for the first loser!"

  • Maxine Hunter

    I’m a pretty cat


    “Hey there, what do you think of my new Easter bonnet and dress? Tell me it doesn’t make my Bum look big”

  • Hdawg Geezy

    Whats a cats favorite color? Purrrrple …so its an unfortunate catastrophe, he’s wearing pink…

  • Deanna Wilson

    Oh dear…. Momma had a little bit to much cat nip last night!!!!

  • Dara Coburn

    Me: What a puuurrrrfectly adorable puuurrrrinceess!
    Cat: I’m a prince. This is what happens when our owner is an eight year old little girl. Please don’t snapchat this. If Grumpy Cat sees it I’ll never hear the end of it.

  • Karen T

    Sleep on the porch? I think NOT! Do I look like something the dog dragged in?

  • Robb Ladouceur

    With this profile pic I’m sure to be 1st Lady, anything is possible considering the presidential election.

  • Hannah Maddox

    beautiful miss.kitty

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    Miss Kitty pretty in pink.

  • Sheila Thornton

    Fabulous and lovin it.

  • Deb

    My other hat is a tiara


    See not all quilt clothes are ugly!

  • Krystal Ritchie

    “Purr-den me sir do you have any Grey Poupon?”

  • Fidow Mamea

    “Today is my day. Yup”

  • Cheri Timperley

    Dont blame me cause Im beautiful.

  • robert

    harry and megan asked me to escort them to see the queen!!

  • Sylvia

    Once I ditch this outfit revenge is mine oh crazy human!

  • Nicole D. C

    Riches can’t make me love you.

  • Jamyang

    How long do I have to stay like this?

  • Ann Phipps Oliver

    A Cat in a Hat never looks back! Bring it 2017!

  • Lynn King McKinney

    As Mae West would PURRfectly say, “Why don’t you come up and see me sometime.”

  • Michael

    Can’t you see I am prettier than you?

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    Tom Jones: What’s new pussycat whoa oh ….
    Kitty above: “Excuse me, that is Miss Pussycat to you!”

  • 77giggles

    Little Miss Sassy and ready to hit the town!

  • Chris

    “Puuuurrrrty in Pink”

  • Carol Miller

    If you think Kitty Galore had a bunch of tricks up her sleeve, you haven’t seen anything yet. Have you got a delectable mouse for me? I don’t do my floor show for nothing.

  • Dezesp

    Laugh & Die!!!

  • Maria Grow

    Is a secret Cat agent.

  • Raejean Jackson

    I cant find my husband…Walter

  • Jen Doute Colson

    Maybe I wasn’t clear when I said I wanted yarn.

  • Luisa Mami Reicy

    Elegant in everything they do, Relaxed and always Assured – Cats are everything we are not! Meow that!!

  • Stacie Snow

    I’m dressed up and no where to go!

  • stephen elsworthy

    why dont you come up and see me some time? (Mae West)

  • Gay Brock

    No catcalls, please. Let’s keep it classy!

  • Lynn

    Um a proper lady I um!!

  • Casimina Doner

    What do mean I can’t go see “Cats”?? I’m all dressed up and everything!!!

  • RaMarie Bazemore Acker

    Oh, thank you! I know I look purrfect.

  • Felix Markey

    And I thought George W bush looks stupid

  • alastair dick

    Who’s the cat with the hat neioow

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    Putting on the ritz

  • Kaitlyn Jenkins

    Fellow member of the Red Cat Society

  • Gbemmy Bassy Sholaru

    Am proud of who I am

  • Drea Nivea Rahming

    You have got to be kidding me?

  • Cheryl Termin

    Purdy in pink

  • Heather

    Wait this isn’t Cat’s got Talent?!

  • Dory

    Tea time with Ms Kitty

  • Kit

    Are these fake roses on my hat? I specifically asked for real roses. Humph! Humans are so stupid.

  • Deandre

    “I look so Purrrfect in my new outfit don’t I?


    “Does this hat make my bumm look big?”

  • Andrea

    classy kitty

  • Noel Stewart

    Enjoy my Easter Bonnet
    With Roses upon it.
    I could go on and on
    And turn this into a sonnet.

    This is a sing along,
    The melody can’t go wrong,
    Any tune will do,
    As long as it’s from you.

  • Chrystal Ozovek

    I don’t always stuff my face . . . but when I do, I eat Fancy Feast.

  • David Hearst

    So your the other pussy after my Tom eh? Well you better get before I scratch your eyes out! All I want to see is your back as you walk away you filthy diseased scarlet lettered charlatan.

  • Sheila W.

    “Hello,Darling.” as a Gavor sister use to say.

  • Vanessa E. Reynolds

    You can never have too much pink, darling.

  • Jennifer Renee Buford

    Red hat society

  • Randie Kelley

    Ok, now who’s pretty in pink?

  • Danny Opitz

    Sophistication at its purrrties.

  • Diana Muir

    Sitting Pretty

  • Mark Hall

    The AristoCats, pah….. They just aren’t in my league.

  • James

    It’s Valentine’s Day. Prepare to spoil me.

  • Jenny F. A. McMillen

    I’m ready to do my close-up on the catwalk.

  • Sunshine gal

    My pink outfit is absolutely the ” Cat’s Meow!”

  • Olivia Maxwell

    This is the LAST time I wake up and smell the roses.

  • Mark Taylor

    Purr-fectly all dressed up and no where to go.

  • Dede

    Fetty wap’s new feline companion kitty wap

  • bluetoad721

    i can’t grow my hair out and i’m too rich to put hair over my left eye so i used a hat.

  • Bryan Williams

    “I’m too sexy for my hat.” http://tryvindale.com/VzmcMlpj

  • Shriniwas Suram

    “Bow beneath the Queen,Purr-purr…”

  • Leonard Hosey J.R.

    I know you’ve heard of the cat in the hat…But I make this look good.

  • Toni Moore

    “I am ready to walk the Pink Carpet now Darling.”

  • drake sunday

    Cats and the preety

  • Samantha Van Clieaf

    Sunday night dinner prayer. Spoken by my great aunt. Sister Elise (a wonderful women and a nun for 82 years) and still going stong. “In the name of the father, son and holly ghost. The fastest eater gets the most”

  • EBahlmann

    Da’ling, All gussied up and no where to go!

  • Canadiam

    Our bodies are our own. It is our decision whether or not to be neutered. Join the march!

  • I’ve got my eye on you Mister!

  • Heather Fraser

    I think requires retaliation human. Hairball at the foot of the bed? Or on your pillow….

  • Lauren

    This is why us cats don’t want to constantly be around our owners…

  • Shirley McGowan

    Just call me the Pink Pantheress….Meooowww

  • dcstaley@hotmail.com

    What have I ever done to you?!

  • Fran Dalrymple-Lane

    Pretty in Pink!! That’s what its all about! Its not about how you feel, its about how you look!!

  • Walter Haidasz

    Pink is definitely my color, so chic!

  • T. Bryan

    I spend 2 hrs getting ready and now you’re too tired to go?

  • Edwin Cabral

    paw-den me, purr-haps you would like to join me for some milk?

  • Karl Wright

    What do you mean I can’t be a member of the red hat society?

  • amamda

    Whoo are youuu( like scene from alice in Wonderland)

  • Judy Kruk

    Don’t you think I’m the pur-fect match for you?

  • OceanGirl

    Submitting my modeling/acting application! (I’ve always wanted to be on Downtown Abbey!)

  • jennyjet

    Did I forget to tell you that I joined the RED HAT Club?

  • Brenda Guilkey

    “Sophisticated Feline”

  • Cheryl Gilmore

    Yeah, I said it. I’m purrty and I know it.

  • Krystal Ritchie

    Were the winners announced for these?

  • Carol Miller

    Have they posted the winners for this yet? I can’t find the winners

    • Natania

      Carol, this is crazy I was looking for the winners and I thought I bet Carol will know, and then I seen you asked the same question. Nothing yet I guess?

      • Carol Miller

        This question was from January and I still can’t find the winners. Also Diane said the same thing.

    • Lynn King McKinney

      I can’t find the winners either.

    • Deb

      I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find the winners.

      • Carol Miller

        Maybe we should send an email. Perhaps they forgot???

  • Nancy Roberts

    “Puss in Suits”

  • Michael DesMarais

    When I saw the hat I knew I just had to have them both!

  • Faith Farber

    I am the REAL HELLO, KITTY!

  • Marc Gelderblom

    sassy classy and a bit smart assy..

  • Robin R B

    This is how I roll !!!

  • Tracy Lee Breyette

    I’m picture purrrrfect !

  • Luciane Azevedo

    é curioso como algumas pessoas tentam transformar os bichinhos em pessoas como nós.Alguns bichos até emitem sons que parecem falar com os donos.Inteligentes eles já são,será que vão aprender a falar?

  • Liz Jilet

    “I hate tea time…when will the madness end?”

  • Leila Snell

    Awe don’t I look pretty.