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  • dottie p

    siamese twins attached at the hair

  • MT

    You would not believe the bad hair day I’m having, sometimes I think it’s someone else’s hair.

  • Erin Estilette

    We’re pretty close.. not attached at the hip, but the hair.

  • Karen T

    I didn’t think Mom meant it when she said she’d tie us together if we didn’t stop fighting!

  • Melissa Lopez

    The twins started played and our hair got tangled. So they call mom to the rooma nd say now we simese twins. Lol

  • Faydra

    Talk about your bad hair day!!!

  • Rochelle Pieper

    What’d ya say? I can’t hair you!

  • Nicole D. C

    Let’s sit here and clap, that might get someone’s attention to untangle us.

  • Julie Dascoli-Yanop

    patty cake patty cake bakers man – find me a hairdresser as fast as you can!

  • Jennifer B.

    This is what happens when you put twins in Time Out.

  • Jason

    So this is a weave?

  • “Yes, we are twins but I was first by a hair.”

  • Chrystal Ozovek

    S’hair’amese Twins!

  • Richard Vargas

    Their weaves got wove.

  • Ann Phipps Oliver

    Two heads are always better than one!

  • Kathie Gallagher

    Bad Hair Day!

  • Stacie Snow

    Anyone got scissors???

  • ramadevi

    We stuck together, can someone help us please.

  • peachesnmemphis

    Big hair,Don’t care!

  • Casimina Doner

    This is the first and last time we blow dry together!

  • Melody

    Those that are haired together, stay together.

  • Bluberry72

    Clap, so I can hair you

  • Marla Heffernan

    Ginger clap!

  • kandeels

    Either way, it is George Costanza’s nightmare mother…GEORGE!!!!

  • Paul Clément

    No mommy! The dolls are happy! See?

  • Andrea Poole-Presslor

    Let’s pretend we meant to do this…

  • Melanie Hill


  • Lynn King McKinney

    Two ‘Hairs’ are better than one.

  • Chris

    “Matted Sisters”

  • julie lawson

    So this is what is meant by a bad hair day!!

  • Vonnie Aldrete

    The hair connection

  • deedee walker

    Conjoined Twins…..By the Hair!

  • jennyjet

    2 heads are better than one!

  • daisyhunnell

    Hair all tied and tangled? Find a hairdresser.

  • Darlene Chrysler

    ginger snip

  • DarkR0ze

    Whose hair belongs to which? That’s the million dollar hair-raising question!

  • GTobler

    Is the room all red for you too?

  • Tammy Boyd

    Tangle part 2. Yes we went to sleep with gum in are mouth.

  • Tammy Boyd

    Yes we when to sleep with gum in are mouth

  • scorned123

    Equality yoked!

  • taylor

    “I told you, just a little off the top”

  • Kj

    cha cha cha chia twin version

  • shawna

    Its hard to tell which Trump we will see today…

  • Brenda Roszkowski

    And I bring you….FIRE!

  • Kari McDowell

    Mama said there would be days like this!

  • romeo

    Big Hair Scare

  • Deb

    Mom!! The cat’s in our hair again!

  • bob

    raggity Ann!


    working back to back we always go up!!!@@

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    They say redheads are hotheaded..in this case they are double trouble!

  • jennyjet

    Double trouble when we go to the beauty shop.

  • Natania

    This is a very tricky picture, it wants us to believe these two girls have their hair all twisted together. When in reality both girls have very short brown hair, we just cant see it because there’s a third girl sitting in the middle of the two with the back of her head facing us. Guess who?
    Little orphan Annie, and her hair only looks like this because Miss. Hannigan wouldn’t let her brush it.

  • Erinn83

    I’m Not Talking To You, Either!

  • Sugartree

    Is it one, a reflection of its self, or is it actually 2 dolls sitting head to head? you decide.

  • Odessa Carter-Diaz

    The TROLL Twins We are Siamese If You Please”

  • Lynn King McKinney


    ********RED CARPET OSCAR HAIRDO *********

    (I couldn’t figure out how to use photo without the link.)

  • Cindy Witanga

    Peek a boo….far out…..W-hair are you?

  • Rochelle Pieper

    Who won?

    • deedee walker

      I been trying to figure out where and when they post the winners as well

  • Brooke Schell

    It takes TWO to TANGLE

  • Rob Cordes

    And that Billy, is how velcro was invented…

  • Haven’t You Heard

    Now hair’s a muddle if ever I’ve seen one!

  • Dicksy Maneschyn

    Two heads are better than one!

  • Taylor Genee Hattley

    Stuck together by the hairs on our head.

  • Howard

    Everyone knows redheads are wild

  • Dawn Vega

    Sorry I can’t hear you over the volume of my hair!

  • Pam

    That’s one firey tangle i don’t want to get into

  • kathy boismier

    Mom, her hair is on my side.

  • Sandra Chouinard

    If only I hade some detangler

  • Amanda

    Crazy hair day

  • Dp Made

    Yes, we are twins but I was first by a hair. right

  • Tracy Lee Breyette

    Being conjoined ain’t all that bad !

  • Bonnie Holowachuk Brodsky

    Soon as I strap you on as my American doll it’ll be a 2 for 1.

  • Helen Morag McKinnon

    Let us lighten the moment with fun, while we wait for Mom to untangle us . . .

  • Luciane Azevedo

    parece irmãs siamesas,presas pela cabeça.

  • Karen Serra

    Sissy, you’ve got to do something with your hair, we’re all tangled up again!

  • Sue Long

    The new Tangled

  • Sylvia Winstead

    New ad:” Try our product. Guaranteed to make your hair grow. Try it for yourself. Bring a friend!”

  • Robin R B