POLL: When was your last bath?

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When was your last bath?

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  • dottie p

    i don’t take baths, i shower

  • ramadevi

    I do take a bath every day and night after work. I work in nursing home and I need to wash myself well to get rid off germs and to keep everyone safe. Also I do not get sleep at night soon after I get into bed, the bath will help to get good sleep.

  • Amy Nave

    An hour ago..and tomorrow I’ll have another, then the next day another and so on and so forth lol. 🙂

    • hhfstk

      thats so much wasted water. wow!

      • Jennifer Peraino Sewell

        Unless you take a 2 minute shower or non at all, it is the same amount of water! Do an experiment!

        • hhfstk

          Thanks for taking the time to read my comment and reply. I sort of took your advice in that I searched the internet for some kind of reference. Industry estimates most people use 30 gallons of water for their bath. I take about 10 min showers even a standard flow rate of 2.5 gpm would be 5 less gallons and I have a low flow shower head so it would be much less than that. 5 gallons a day on one water use activity is quite a bit IMO. However I read that you have some type of issue with pain and that’s obviously a worthwhile reason to use this amount for yourself. Obviously I don’t know your or the original persons usage habits as conserving in other areas would also offset the impact etc. It was a gut reaction based on my own views and usage as well as views about water waste.

  • roxysmom87

    My last bath was 15 minutes ago. Boy, do I feel clean… No more stinky feet for me. No sir, no way. I’m sitting here with my hair in a towel. I’m letting the hair conditioner soak in. Oh I shower off after a bath. I hate siting in my own dirt. I need to get dressed, then go to the store.

  • Vesta Miller

    Shower daily that’s a given, especially living in Az where you sweat a lot, but yesterday was bath day because, well, time to shave the legs…you know what I mean girls.

  • Stacy Bertram-Chitwood

    About 45 minutes ago

  • Ray Joyce

    Last week,I like showers

  • Lorri Milner

    Last night.

  • stef

    it was like two hours ago ’cause I thought I was about to sleep but I’m still awake… lmao

  • Theresa Holly

    I enjoy taking a bubble bath especially when the day has been stressful AHHH!

  • Ruben Flores

    Last night I had one and tonight I’ll take another bath.

  • Mitch

    Warms the muscles before work

  • Wendy Goodman

    I dont like talking baths, unless I take a shower 1st

  • Laura Gruttadauria-Pinette

    I had shoulder surgery and that was the only way I can clean myself

  • Luanne Vickery

    I cannot remember my last tub bath. With 3 teenagers it is hard to get into the bathroom with a tub. It has been showers for me.

  • Lauren Douffet

    One night last month it was raining so hard outside and my husband was still at work so I eyeballed the bathtub and decided to have a hot bath to sooth my bothered feelings. Turning on smooth jazz music and pouring the lavender oil in the hot water made it a perfect experience.

  • Patty Sadler

    Always at my favorite hotel over my birthday weekend!

  • Tresa Tackett

    2 days ago

  • vanderley rodrigues


  • Jennifer Peraino Sewell

    2 hours ago and it was awesome! A super hot bath is the only time of my day when im not in pain! That glorious 30-45 minutes every day!

  • Caroline Oncken

    nice to relax!