POLL: Would you date someone who’s unemployed?

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POLL: Would you date someone who was unemployed?

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  • Theresa Holly

    If I knew the person was actively searching for another job I would but I would expect and hope if we went out they would not expect me to pay all the time

  • Ayach Nezha

    May be !cela dépend…

  • dottie p

    i don’t date right now anyway so nope

  • ramadevi

    If someone is special, I dont mind to take them for a date.

  • Leslie Anne Soloman

    I have in the past now if someone is retired with a great pension and in great health, not a smoker, not a drinker, a sincere Christian man sure I would date him.

  • WendyAnn Mcdonald

    If he had a good personality and to do stuff around the house, it would be okay.

  • Raven

    Well I am not a bigot and I actually care about anyone I care about, so obviously yes, except for the fact that I would never “date”.

  • Lisa Anderson

    I think of you enjoy each others company and are happy with each other keep dating to see where it could go

  • Gabriel RM Cutmore

    I think if they are receptive of support from you with a sense of independence and self direction, then the couple could use the situation as a building block as opposed to an obstacle. In the event you meet someone who is unemployed, again I find it depends on the direction you both see as a couple and for yourselves and decide how to proceed from there. I would not let something so minuscule deter you from something that could be so rewarding in so many ways.

  • jennyjet

    It’s sometimes temporary. I have actually been unemployed. No one ever seemed to ask or comment on my employment. I commend people who look beyond pettiness and cherish friendships.

  • linda

    If the circumstance was justifiable. And they were honestly looking…maybe..

  • Mrs Ed

    I don’t look at someone, based on their financial standing in this world.
    Everyone has a story. And not everyone’s situation is the same. It’s what is inside that matters. A person can be looking for work, and hasn’t been hired. They could be disabled. They may have been downsized, laid off, or something, beyond their control. You can’t look at a person for face value. If you do, you’d cheat yourself out of knowing a wonderful person.
    Before you point out the splinter in another person’s eye, remove the plank from your own eye.

  • Lisa Stanger

    Of course! As long as they are also incredibly handsome, totally funny and creative,kind,smart,and extremely generous with all that money from their trust fund. You did say unemployed, you didn’t say broke,right?

    • Francesca Etheart

      Good point 🙂

  • Tshana

    it all depends on if they have the drive to get up everyday and go out and look another job or have a plan to open up there own business. he or she as to have a mind set that they need a job and want one to move our life along.

  • Francesca Etheart

    If they are unemployed and trying to better themselves in other ways.

  • Anne B

    I am unemployed, through no fault of my own, so I make jewelry, things for the fairy garden, custom orders , repairs. I also sew for people, prom dresses, wedding dresses, clothing for kids, quilts and many other bits and pieces. Knit, crochet, and loads of other things that help my income. If the man is unemployed, like I am, I’d date him.


    Yes but only to search and gets a job in the year we are together if by 6 months no luck .then too bad cant help u anymore cant have a slob walking around with me lol

  • Jae

    As long as there is potential, ambition about their life, yes. A person’s circumstances does not define who they are.

  • Roberta Paulez (non)

    No I definitely wouldn’t

  • Kari McDowell

    Hate to say it, but there would have to be a hell of a lot of potential and a lot of drive on the person’s part. I want a person who pays their bills and does not live beyond their means. I agree that a person’s circumstances does not necessarily define who they are, but their actions and how they rise above adversity does define them totally. Unfortunately I do want love, but it has to come with a person of good character and that also says a good credit score. If you live within your means you are never really poor.

  • Joy

    As long as they are really trying to get one. It also depends on who the person is.

  • Camille Bass

    as long as they treat me good all is well

  • Camille Bass

    as long as they are trying to I would date them as long as they are trying

  • Jane Maglinte

    how can earn money??

  • Brandi-Tiffani T-Bertrand

    When they dont have income they depend on me i been in many relationships where i lost alot of money pleaseing them and now i have to find extra cash to get out of my situation.

  • Eric Madore

    yes because i d’ont want to lose a good person to be the love of my life

  • Wendi

    So long as it was temporary, or they had some other form of legal income coming in… After the last situation I was in however, I wouldn’t be fast to say yes…

  • Sje L. Robinson

    As long as he/she’s a good person it doesn’t mean i think he’s unemploy he will stay unemploy for the rest of his/her life, and besides it’s only a date.possibility after dating that person he/she will influence by you and find job straight away, 🙂