Why haven’t I gotten paid yet?

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Wondering where your payment is? Before you contact support or cancel your account (we really hate when people do that!), ask yourself …

  1. Did I request a payment?
    If you’ve chosen to be paid by check, you must submit a payment request to get paid. You can submit a payment request any time your account balance reaches $50 or more.If you’d rather skip the hassle of requesting payments, add a PayPal email to your Vindale account (enter it in the “PayPal” email field near the top of the page). Don’t have a PayPal account? Create a free PayPal account 
  2. Did I request payment on time?
    We call payment processing days “pay days.” These occur twice a month, on the 15th and last day of every month (or the nearest business day preceding those days). To be included in the most current payment cycle, you must request payment before 12:00 AM EST on a pay day.
  3. Has my “verified” balance reached $50?
    Payment is based on your “verified” balance. When your “verified” balance reaches $50 or more you’ll be eligible for payment. If your pending balance is $50 or more, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re eligible to get paid yet.

Still have payment questions?
Check out our payment FAQs

  • tsanko

    Wonderful ..thanks a lot for posting a good informitive blog

  • Betty A.


    • elizabeth

      Betty, if your “verified balance” is $50 you will get paid.

      When you look at your Vindale account, you’ll see a “verified” balance and a “pending” balance. The pending balance reflects offers you’ve started. The verified balance reflects offers you’ve completed. You may request a payment when your verified balance is $50 or more.

    • Ashley P.

      Yes i what my money send to my phone

      • elizabeth

        Sorry, Ashley, we can’t send money to your phone. Do you have a PayPal account? If so, you can sign up to receive payments through that.

  • zerodtkjoe

    Thanks for the info

  • roclafamilia

    Helpful blog, bookmarked the website with hopes to read more!

  • Heather T.

    Well I requested My payment and it is still saying requested I requested it in plenty of time

    • elizabeth

      Heather, when did you request a payment?

  • Mihai C.

    Hello. I have made some studied and surveys and referred 4 friends and they’re all on pending for a long time. Why isn’t the money on my account balance?

    • elizabeth

      Hey Mihai! Sorry, somehow we missed this comment until now. If you’re still having issues email elizabeth@vindalemedia.com. Thanks and sorry again.

  • Cierra T.

    Thanks for info.


    [email redacted]

    • elizabeth

      Edward, do you need help with a payment issue?

  • Shu L.


  • Shu L.

    I DID NOT GET PAID ON Study 6864 “are you Asian-American”. I SUBMITTED ON 2/1 THE OFFER WAS $5

  • rosalyn e.

    Why when I take a survery for $35 or more its stays on pending so right now I have $50 PENDING I’ve being waiting for a week for it to switch to verified is it going to happen soon so I can get paid at least this month

    • elizabeth

      Hi Rosalyn, It sounds like you took a survey. If it’s still pending, please make sure you completed BOTH of the two steps required to complete the survey. Hope that helps!

  • David P.

    Why are so many of my studies taking so long to get verified?

  • Christine S.

    I requested a payment a couple weeks ago and when I tried logging in to my acct the other day to check the status, I am getting a message that my acct has been cancelled!!! I did NOT cancel my acct! I sent an email to support and have tried calling but no one answers the phone and no one has replied to my email. Can someone please tell me what’s going on?????

    • Vindale

      What’s your referral link, Christine?

  • Vindale

    It might be a browser cacheing issue. Please log out of your account and log back in.

  • Don’t rely on vindale to make extra money, I have a minimum of 5 referrals a day and to this day only 1 has ever been verified. A group of 12 of us made a video documenting the refferall link sign up along with the completion of numerous survies totaling $1 or more and there was never any credits received. I am extremely disappointed in this site for the shady ways they conduct business maybe everyone else was right. http://tryvindale.com/VJotppB1

  • Vindale

    Our next payday is February 14. If you submitted it, it will be processed then.

    • Sandra

      Hello, I requested my check payment on Feb. 24, and a confirmation email was sent to me saying the check was mailed on Feb. 29. I still haven’t received my check by mail, so I’m not sure what to do or who to ask. Thanks for your help.

  • childerolandusa

    I just requested payment today. When will it be processed?

    • Vindale

      You requested after the 12 am EST deadline on our last payday. Your payment will be sent out on our next payday.

      • childerolandusa

        OK. Thx.

  • vlad burko

    So basically if i made 2 dollars, I wont get payed until l i gather $50? sry English is bad.

    • Vindale

      Right, that’s correct. You can request payment when your verified balance reaches $50 USD.

      • Michael Echebi

        Why won’t my Account Balance Money come into my paypal account?
        And I am verified.
        Do i need a Number to have my money sent to my paypal Account?
        Or I need $50 for it to go to my paypal account?

  • Vindale

    Yes, you must be verified to get paid.

  • Hello Vindale Team,

    I am verified on Vindale Research and I have done a couple of surveys and the moeny has not yet come into my account (The Vindale Account) – It said something about waiting 5 days or so….. Does this mean the money will arrive then? Also I would like to ask how much credit should I have on my Vindale account for it to be transferred on to my Paypal account.


    Mathews Wilson

  • Vindale

    Mike, what is your referral code?

  • MMop Consultants

    why cant I see my referral credit when people sign up to my referral link???? help

    • Vindale

      Referral credits will appear once the member you referred signs up for Vindale using your link. (you will see the friends name in your clicked list if they have done so) AND completes one study or one survey worth $1 or more ********* (this does NOT include the $2 member profile)

  • Matthew Malfara

    Where’s the option to connect my paypal to Vindale? i can’t seem to find it on the website.

    • Vindale

      You may add your PayPal to your account when you request payment if that’s an option for you.

  • Vindale

    You will earn $5 for every friend who:

    Signs up for Vindale using your link. (you will see the friends name in your clicked list if they have done so)
    Completes one study or one survey worth $1 or more ********* (this does NOT include the $2 member profile)

    If your friend does not follow the 2 steps above, then you cannot be credited.

    For information on how to refer friend please click here: http://blog.vindale.com/make-money-at-home/earn-5-for-every-friend-referral-3522

  • Lashall Lee

    I submitted my payment request it went i on2-14-17 how long before i receive my check

    • Vindale

      Hi Lashall,

      If you submitted it before the 15th, you should get it by the 25th. If you do not, let us know.

      • Lashall Lee

        Thank you for your prompt reply. That’s why i love u guys. Now is it possible to have your money sent to a netspend card or only paypal?

        • Vindale

          You’re very welcome, Lashall! Payments are sent via check in the mail or, for approved members, via PayPal.

  • The Webster Room

    I completed a survey and when i was at the end it said i had completed it and that the money for the survey was credited to my account .And then after it said that it showed something else for a nother survey but it also said not to di it because it might be time consuming but i did not care cus i have a lot of time on my hands. But out of no when i started that survey after the one i completed which is for the same company, it said i did not qualify or what ever which i did not mind . But the credited money for the survey i first took still does not show up or even show that i clicked it . what do i do because i dont think its fair im putting in effort and time in to these and that i wont get paid for it. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

  • Beverly Clymer

    I’m verified and I’m supposed to have $100’s of dollars they keep telling me they need to know where to send the pay out, But really????

  • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

    Hi I’m wondering why didn’t I received my payment it was suppose to be issued to my paypal account today and there nothing there what’s going on thank you

    • Vindale

      Hi Wanda, what is your referral link? If you don’t know it, you can get it here: http://www.vindale.com/v/members/refer.jsp

      • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

        Where do I send referral link

        • Vindale

          That’s the identifying number for you. You can post it here in a reply so we can look you up in the system and see the status of your payment.

          • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

            Oh ok hope: httpthis dale.com/http :hV7lvLLbW

            • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

              Sorry if I seem upset but there should be a customer service so people won’t have to go Thur this people should respond to us we have no problem interacting with your online survey but we get a problem not cool

  • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

    Will I get information on my payment it was issues April 30 and received 5/15/17

  • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

    Hello I’m still waiting on response people I know already got pay the next day on paypal I’m still waiting why is this happening to me like I did my surveys faithfuly this hurts have a nice day.

    • Vindale

      Hi Wanda, thanks for your referral code. We took a look at your account. Our last payment request deadline was April 28 at 12 am EST: http://blog.vindale.com/market-research-tips/request-payment-today-tonight-86227.

      We see you successfully submitted your payment request. We have received it and will process it on our next payday, May 31.

      • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

        Why send an email saying it will be process on 05/15/17 but ok

        • Vindale

          Oh no, I’m sorry, Wanda, you’re right. I misread the month. I will let support know ASAP. They will be able to reprocess tomorrow morning. If you don’t hear from me by tomorrow at 11, please post another message here.

          • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

            No problem thank you for helping me

            • Vindale

              You’re welcome, so sorry again. We will have it straightened out tomorrow.

          • Wanda Encarnacion Harper
  • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

    Will I get answers today on what’s going on with my payment and will I get it today my email wandaharper2@hotmail.com

    • Vindale

      Let me check in with support, one second.

      • Wanda Encarnacion Harper

        Please thank you I deserve it like everyone else

  • Vindale

    I didn’t really do anything, support did! Hope you have a wonderful day, Wanda. 😀

  • Vindale