“What’s your most irrational fear?”

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The question
For our 104th Facebook contest (password: clowns), we asked you to tell us what gives you the worst willies – despite being totally harmless.

Your answers
See what you said below! Remember, the bigger the word, the more of you used it. Click the image to enlarge.

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  • Ken Smith

    Tight dark spaces.

  • Christopher G.


  • Yvette H.


  • Namrata S.


  • Jennifer O.


  • Christine T.

    This is going to sound really weird but I’m deathly afraid of Sour Milk! When I was a kid I accidently took a big gulp from a glass of milk that was spoiled & I’ve never gotten over it. I can’t even be in a room if someone is pouring sour milk into the sink, it makes me gag. My husband once stuck a container of milk under my nose to ask me if it was good & I almost killed him because the milk was no good.Did you ever notice that when you are married you become the official smeller of things for your spouse? I don’t mind as long as it isn’t milk!

  • constantinos d.
  • constantinos d.


  • patricia c.

    clowns dolls

  • Faith G

    Heights, and i live on the 26th floor ;-/

  • Lorrie M.

    shots/needles totally TERIFIED!

  • someone putting a plastic bag over my head then taking duck tape wrapping it around my neck until I asphyxiate and die slowly.

  • Wendy


  • Lillie F.

    falling off a cliff

  • Linda T.