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** CONTEST CLOSED **See who won!

Saving for a new TV? Want extra “fun” money?  Need to pay off a credit card? Tell us why you take paid surveys!

How to enter
You must:

  1. Be at least 18.
  2. Read and agree to our full rules, as well as our conditions of entry, to participate.
  3. Be a Vindale member. Not a member?  Sign up
  4. Write a 100- to 250-word essay. Topic: “Why I take paid surveys.” Feel free to have fun with it!
  5. Post your essay and referral link in the comments to this blog post by Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 11:59 pm EST. To get your referral link, go to the refer friends page and sign in.
  6. Check our blog after Friday, September 17 to see if your essay won.

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  • Jo Johnson

    My referral link si:

    Hi Vindale!!! I take paid surveys because I reecently graduated collage and need extra money for food, such as beers and sandwiches and hamburgers. But my favorite is pizza! My buddies and I throw parties so it’s always good to have some extra cash for party foods!!! If I win the essay contest the $50 will go towards a good cause, my stomach LOL!! Please please plaese pick my essay!! If you do I promise I will come down to Vindal headqaurters and give each of you a hug. Also if I ever win the lottery I will buy all of you guys pizzas and hamburgers and maybe even burritos. Make this broke dude happy!! Thanks peice and love Jo!!!

  • tamiya s.

    i take paid surveys for two reasons. one because i like getting paid do very little. two i like seeing new products and getting to have a say in what gets made. i enjoy having fun doing them and they also keep me busy when i am bored. i hope that i win the $50 because i am going to pay some bills with it. i am glad that there are ways to win more money.
    thanks letting me have the chance!!

  • Sander Z.

    Referral Link:

    Hello. I’m glad to be part of the Vindale Research Program. I take paid surveys only because I try and help out online marketers. I know how difficult that job can be (my mother was one). Your paycheck isn’t all that big (the average annual paycheck is around $74,000) and with my father running off when I was 2, my mother had a hard time raising me up. I graduated college now and I want to help out other people by giving them my opinion. The money I get when I complete a survey also helps me, but I feel better when I help out people with a Online Marketer job. Hope you keep up the good work with the site and good luck with the surveys! 🙂

  • Sander Z.

    Referral Link:

    I forgot to mention this in my other short essay, so I guess I’ll make this a short essay also. I also take paid surveys because most of the time, I’m bored. I have an apartment right now, and not a whole lot of cash. So I can’t go shopping every day. And I also don’t want to spend my time playing online games, that’ll make me sink so low that homeless people on the streets will probably call me a friendless, lifeless idiot. I guess taking surveys in my spare time isn’t all that better, but it beats playing games and as I mentioned before, I also earn money and help out other people. I’m waiting to be approved for my job, but as of right now, you may call me a friendless, lifeless idiot. 😀 And if I win the $50, I’m going to get a girlfriend and take her out to dinner, rofl.

  • Sandy P.

    I have worked towards gift certificates at other sites and have done fairly well. Therefore I thought I would give Vindale a try. I’m hoping to save enough money to go towards the purchase of a new computer. I have saved so much information on this computer that I need one that has the capability to keep up with my ever growing need to express myself. Vindale has given me plenty of opportunities to work towards my goal. Success will be slow but well worth it. Thank you Vindale for the chance to make my opinions heard and worth more than just a thank you. Thanks again,

  • Vinod b.

    My referral link is

    I take paid surveys for two very important reasons.The first is that it is a very simple way of earning a few extra bucks.The second reason is that by sharing my views about a particular product or service I will be helping the service provider improve upon their quality.It helps them read the minds of their customers.This is beneficial to both the consumer and the service provider because only when a service provider knows what exactly a customer expects from a product/service can they match the latter’s expectations.

  • Quentin M.

    Hello Vindale. I am college student and I am struggling with my finances. It is not solely because of college, but my family does not make a lot of money annually, most of the time around 50,000, but it might be less because of the ecomonic recession. I am grateful to have companies like Vindale who thinks that my opinions are worth anything. I do not mind helping out companies who like to test products and want back honest feedback. If I win 50 dollars for a blog, I do not know what to do with it. I have not seen fifty dollars in awhile, since I am not working right. It is tough to get a job, since no one in my area is hiring. I am looking to get any sort of money, and winning this blog contest will be a good start. Thanks so much Vindale, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this. My referral link:

  • Diana r.

    Hello Vindale.I am a homemaker that has just starting to get her life back together, I am doing this for extra money to help out , with what I can do since I am not able to work I am disabled and not working! but I really like doing surveys so I can help with your studies so you can make good products or adverting or product testing what ever is needed for me to do, so it helps me out to to know that my input to the surveys can help you out to.But I like surveys because I can make money in what I like to do being on my computer and helping with what the people need to know about how there products sale and what the consumers inputs are so surveys are very important so I am glad that I can help in some way so thank you Vindale

  • Olean B.

    Hi Vindale,

    I take survey for a lot of reason, for trying new product get discount offers, to be honest and voice my opinions on consumer goods before it is marketed and also for good that need improvements, visit web sites that I would not normally visit, and most of all get paid for all your hard work.

  • KAMMI W.

    I take paid surveys because I like them….pretty simple, huh? I found myself sitting on the couch late at night watching tv, and I could literally feel my brain deteriorating from the garbage I was watching. I found a friend who also takes paid surveys and who also assured me that this wasn’t a scam, and decided why not ? I enjoy the variety of the surveys, the feeling of importance in offering my opinons, the satisfaction of giving my knowledge on certain products, and most of all….the enjoyment of reaping my rewards. I also am thrilled to learn of the new possibilities on upcoming products, services, makes me feel I have a slight advantage over the rest of the consumer population. Thanks so much for all the opportunities Vindale has offered to me and I hope you will consider my essay as a winner! Good luck to all!!

  • Rosemary M.

    Taking a survey is fun — you voice your opinion, make a difference regarding consumer goods, get a chance to try new products, and get a chance to help others. To add icing to the cake — you get paid for it. How can you lose!!

  • chirstina t.

    Hi Vindale,

    I ultimate reason I take online paid surveys is because I enjoy doing so! I find them quite interesting to say the least and it takes up some time. I feel accomplished when I finish a survey because I know my honest input helps company’s thrive and succeed in their products and objectives. I’m going to save the money for little things here and there for my family because my husband is the only one working while I go to school and raise our 16 month old twins. So we don’t have much money and I love that I came across Vindale research because with your site I can save some money for the little extras that we wouldn’t be able to have before. So thank you Vindale, your doing an awesome thing for people that really need the extra cash!


    Hi, Vindale
    my referral link

    Here’s goes nothing. I enjoy taking these surveys when I have spare time. I currently have a full time job, three kids, and a husband. How can I manage lol. Sometimes the same routine everyday is kinda borning. I find that taking surveys are some kind of change to my life. I get a little of time away from my kids and husband(yay). lol. Just kidding I enjoy my life and why not the extra cash. Just letting manufactures how I feel about the many products that I purchase. I like the distraction a get from my daily life. Makes my time fly. 🙂

  • katie m.


  • gerald nicolas

    I take paid surveys online because it’s fun and rewarding. Every dollar helps and having fun while you’re making it and helping others in the process is a win win situation. I have three savings account in the red. I opened them at the end of 2007 for my kids and anticipated that i’d put about $2000 a year in each of them but have yet to materialize it. my hope now is that i’ll make enough money taking surveys to keep at least $300 in each so i will no longer have to pay monthly maintenance fees. thank you vindale.

  • Pauline F.

    I love taking surveys and getting paid to do it. Talking is a favourite pastime and writing is another way of communicating. I also enjoy answering the questions thoughtfully – it helps to sharpen my thinking. I live in a rural community and this is one way to contribute to the household income. At least I hope it will be as I have only recently joined Vindale!

  • Diana B.

    Taking surveys online through Vindale Research is a great way to earn a little extra income without leaving home. Best of all, I get to share my opinions and thoughts on products, and my viewpoint matters. It is nice to know that I can earn as much as I like, and can do so with investing a few hours of my free time. Being a student and single mother, leaves very little time for a job, Vindale allows me to choose my hours and surveys. I feel confident that assisting in product development, and research will help to supplement my limited income to ensure that my children and I are not struggling so hard at the end of the month and can purchase those little things in life that matter most like food and toilet paper.

  • Stacy p.

    I love doing surveys for several reasons, some of them are cause they are just plain fun, also because I try to earn money to pay of passed credit cards that im still paying off, and just trying to do them to help with making ends meet. Also I do it to try and earn money to help my mom out, shes been in such a crisis and the guy she was with promised to take care of her and lied and left her with really nothing, so just been trying to get her back on her feet also, this life can be unfair sometimes, but having sites like this can help get you back up on your feet with earning money for doing surveys, wish I could get alot more to,anyway thats my story just trying to do them for fun and to make ends meet in life.

  • Rodney N.

    I enjoy taking paid surveys. I have just recently moved to a new state and I am living on my own. It is hard finding a job now with todays economy. Taking paid surveys has helped me pay bills, buy food, oil changes and pay parking tickets. I enjoy being paid for my very own opinion. Its like being paid just for being yourself. Vindale gives great offers and surveys that I like to explore everyday and will continue to do so.

  • Sander Z.

    Referral Link:

    Hi Vindale, this will be my third and last essay. I take paid surveys because I’m saving up for a new mountain bike. I know this is more of a selfish answer, but I really like to go biking. My old bike is 30% rust now :(, and it squeaks A LOT when I’m riding it. People around me are probably thinking, “Wow, this guy must be really poor and desperate to ride that piece of junk.” So I take surveys that can give me little cash boost in my Paypal account. I’m only $80 away! And if I win this contest, I’ll be even closer. 😉 Thank you for the free surveys.

  • Priscilla N.

    i take online surveys because they are easy and fun to do. i like the money i get by taking them. when i take surveys i feel better about myself because i am able to buy things i normal couldn’t. i like the extra money i get by taking surveys online. i like to give my opinion to my family and friends so to get paid for them is awsome. when i get up in the moring the first thing that comes to mind is i need to see if i have a new survey. its funny but i live to see if there is a survey i can take each life is pertty boring without surveys lol.its true i love taking surveys my brother is always saying “why are you alway on the computer all the time. i laugh an say i can’t help it there is always a new survey to do. lol that is why i like taking surveys so Vindale Research keep them coming.

  • Marcus G.

    To be completely honest, I don’t particularly like taking paid surveys, but at the same time I do enjoy them because I get to learn something new and be able to voice my opinion on the various topics that are given as well as be paid for my opinion. At the same time, some of the surveys can be a bit long or have too many questions on one page that makes your eyes just wanna pop out like a bug. haha. Even so, it is a way to earn extra money and I am sure that is something everyone in the world doesn’t mind going through because the thought of extra cash makes anyone jump up like one of those scary scenes in horror movies. lol boo! The money I earn from taking the paid survey actually help my savings to visit the UK next April so I can see all the beautiful sites the country has to offer as well as see the love of my life, yeah long distance relationships are such a pain but hey, when your in love nothing else matters but that special someone. <3. Either way if I don't win, I enjoyed typing this and to whoever does, congratulations because that money would sure come in a lot of handy! haha. Seeya Vindale and thank you for having the best paid survey site 😀

  • Jan P.

    I take surveys of any kind because I want my opinion known. I like seeing what’s being asked about- taking the pulse of the times, you might say. I take paid surveys because I am paying off my student loans (took me 29 years, but I finished my Bachelors’ Degree in Nursing!) and saving for the Practitioner’s course in Anat Baniel Method [, abmethod on youtube] to expand my work with chronically ill and disabled children, and keep working into my 70s, maybe 80s. This work would let me work all over the world, too, fulfilling my dream of travel as well as my dream of helping children and their parents and caregivers have better lives.

  • Laura M.

    Why I take paid surveys is easy. The main goal is to put in the responses that I feel about a service to hopefully make a difference in the marketing field. To fill out surveys makes me feel like I am needed. Since the service response is needed in each demographic to be accepted into one is exciting. The other reason I have is the fact that I can get paid but that is not my overall reason for doing this. As stated easier it is to make a difference to others and possibly to me financially since I am one of the thousands that are unemployed.

  • I went looking for something to do onlne which pays me and takes up my time and doesn’t cost me money. I enjoy enfluencing new and old products and letting them know what we like or don’t like to use and to watch and read. I may not get rich but maybe I will help make a difference.

  • Bill N.

    I recently have joined Vindale Research about a month ago. When I joined Vindale Research, I wasn’t thinking that it works. Had I started using my account immediately, I would be better off. I was convinced that it was another scamming website. But as I started to investigate to see its legitimacy, I started to see the truth in Vindale Research. I started off with completing my account to earn 2.00 USD. Then as more surveys came to me I felt motivated to do the surveys to earn money. I have to say that with Vindale Research I have earned more money than I have ever done with other companies. Vindale Research offers a lot more money for doing surveys than I’ve ever seen! Also it takes a short time for crediting your paid/free surveys! With other companies it might take up to a week to credit an offer, but with Vindale most offers credit in 24 hours or 2 days. Also on the topic of crediting: With other companies you take 1 hour to do a survey, and expect to be credited but you don’t get credit, thus getting frustrated. But Vindale credits you on your offers, which you can be assured that the surveys you do will be credited. This may sound very cheesy, but just try it. It doesn’t take anything to start earning money. Do surveys earn money, very simple! Whatever the reason you want to earn money, join now! Here’s the address:

  • Brenda A.

    My referral link is

    There are several reasons I started taking surveys. My interest was sparked when I was behind a lady checking out that had a debit card that she said had $65 on it from taking surveys. Wow I want some of that I said to myself so I began looking for reputable places and I have found a few that I weeded out but Vindale has remained. The other reason was I am addicted to this computer and I did a lot of online shopping which cost me money. So I wanted something, not too complicated which was fun to do and rewarded me for my time and didn’t break the bank! So here I am taking surveys. And now that I am I like making my voice heard on what I like to do and eat and watch and read. It’s a no brainer win win situation for me. I may not get rich but when you add the money I’m saving by not shopping I will be richer than I would have been. Thanks Vindale

  • Lorna L.

    Paid survey’s are someting new to me, but when I received the friend referral to try it out, I thought to myself, what do I have to lose. I have tried a few and over the course of a week or so, I realize that Vindale seems to be one of few who truly stand behind their surveys. I have seen quite a few gimmicks and with each one begin opting out, but so far Vindale has sent me meaningful surveys that are relevant to things that matter in my life and that I may be affected by or perhaps use. What I like the most about Vindale is that if one survey doesn’t apply to you, there is always another opportunity to take another one. There are three categories in which you can get paid and the option is yours without pressure.

  • heather p.
    Hi Vindale.I am a wife and a mother of a teenage son. My husband is unable to work, due to severe lung disease. I recently lost my job and being the only income in the household. Our friend told me to check out a couple of sites to make money. I tried those other sites but didn’t like them. Every survey i tried to answer, I wasn’t qualified. If I was qualified, I was directed to another site that had nothing to do with that survey. I was looking on the web and came across your site. I LOVE it. What i like about Vindale, is that you don’t qualify for a survey. They will give you another opportunity to qualify for other surveys. When you complete the surveys, your account is updated quickly. The surveys are targeted from my profile.They are not random questions.The companies will see my responses and value them. It’s easy and fun watching my account grow. The money will be VERY helpful. When I do start working again, I will continue to voice my opinion. Thank you

  • Julia N.

    I participate in paid surveys because it’s an anonymous way to get my opinion out there. It also doesn’t hurt to get paid to do so! I’m attending college right now and it’s rather difficult to manage time-consuming classes with organizations and trying to find a job; taking surveys whenever I have some time is a really easy way to make a little extra money during the times of the year when I can’t work. If I were to win the $50 from this contest, I would put it towards accumulating money for rent or for textbooks, which are REALLY expensive!

  • amber b.

    I take paid surveys because i like getting paid for doing bit of nuttin i like to check out the good products they have to offer and its fun putting my to scents in somewhere lol and i love Vindale Research program its very fun

  • assetou d.

    HI vindale,take paid survey because i’m not working right now and need some extra money for myroceries shopping and gass.I like to cook and always buy fresh ingredient .I do sometime eat pizza for diner ,if i win this $50 ,i would buy some clothes because i hadn’t buy any in a long time .Thank you so much for always asking my opinion on thing it meant a lot to know that my opinion matter,and can make a differnce.

  • Brenda M.

    I have spent man an hour piddlying around on the internet just looking at various sites and generally wasting time…until recently, that is! I discovered Vindale Research and now more of my time spent on the net is answering surveys and getting paid to sit at the computer! It’s really easy and with the various survey subjects out there, I am never bored. My opinion may not be the loudest in the room, but I am treated as if it’s the most important one in the world, by Vindale. Thank you so much for allowing me to join and become part of your team!!

  • sheree o.

    Paid surveys are great. I fill out the surveys because it is a great way to earn a little extra cash or rewards. I often have a little extra time so the short surveys fit into my day with out being a burden. It’s great to have a way to supplement my income without ever having to leave the house. I can log on at school too. So surveys are available for me everywhere I go. I love taking surveys. I save money money and earn money, It’s awesome.

  • huvon d.

    I take paid surveys since it displays excitement and intreast in new products. It is a pleasure for me to give my openion on products which the advertisers would evaluate and analise. My openion would create more thinking skill in the advertisement department to encourage the consumers to purchase the advertised product. Since you are offering $50 as a contest, I hope my sentences fits in the catagory of winning.

  • Terry E.

    i like surveys because its a way to learn and find out about things offered and products. also because you get to voice your opinion about products. i like the fact that companys want to know what and how you feel about their stuff. i love to contribute to things if it can make it better for the company and the people that invest in products. and i must includ that it is nice to make a little money just to do the surveys. i believe its a good cause to better things for our economy.

  • Terry E.

    i like surveys because its a way to learn and find out about things offered and products. also because you get to voice your opinion about products. i like the fact that companys want to know what and how you feel about their stuff. i love to contribute to things if it can make it better for the company and the people that invest in products. and i must includ that it is nice to make a little money just to do the surveys. i believe its a good cause to better things for our economy. i think that vindale is the best place to take these surveys and get what you think about things out there to the people, and again vindale offers you to choose how to make money by offering different options to get your voice heard. vindale is top reason i like doing surveys.

  • John H.

    I am taking paid surveys to make sure my opinion is heard as it affects the quality of life for my four year old son, and to win cash to buy shoes and clothes for him in thee hard times. A lot fo our cash is consumed by my business, hopefully, not for too much longer.

  • John H.

    Hi there. I participate in order to have my opinion heard in order to ensure that beneficial products continue to be available to improve the quality of life for our four year old son. I also use the case to buy shoes and clothes for him, as my business is consuming a lot of our cash in these hard times.

  • Tiffany Mueller M.

    Referral Link:

    I take paid surveys for many reasons, but the biggest reason is to save for Christmas for my 3 children. Let’s admit it, kids aren’t cheap, so every little bit helps when it comes to the holidays. Most recently, I started doing surveys to try to offset some expenses since my husband became unemployed. I hope to be able to pay for gas now and then, or even put it towards diapers or baby wipes. Fingers crossed!

  • robyn l.

    Shoes! That’s why I like to do Paid online surveys. Not shoes for me though.. that would be too greedy. I like to get shoes for my two little daughters. They grow SO fast that it seems I am buying shoes all the time. It seems so frivolous to spend more money on shoes that barely get worn. Who likes to walk around in shoes that don’t fit, and who like to spend the money right? That’s where the surveys come in, the extra time I spend doing the online surveys helps me feel like I can spend a few extra on their cute little piggies :o) Win win situation I think. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jacqueline S.

    I LOVE VINDALE RESEARCH! The reason I do and I take paid surveys is because I have a son with a chronic medical conditon. Taking paid online surveys has assisted me in continuing to be a stay-at-home mom until my son is old enough to be more independent with his medical care. It has been a difficult struggle for our family financially for me to stay home, but the sacrifices are worth it when I am here to answer the school nurse’s phone calls numerous times each day, or to run up to school to take care of his medical need or to answer a call from a teacher when he/she calls with a question that needs to be answered right way. And of course, it is worth it to be here when my son comes home from school and I can continue his care at home. I would like to continue taking online paid surveys and I would love to win this contest as it will help me be the mom I want to be for my son.

  • Melva D.

    Denise Dandridge I enjoy taking online surveys. As a single mother of three and a full time student is fun to do in my pass time. I learn alot from the surveys and enjoy giving my opinion on products i use daily. the earnings is also a plus. my mom always said i like to talk and interact and that 1 day i would get paid for it. well MOM you were ohhh sooo right!! Isn’t it great to know that my big mouth and opinions really do matter to someone. HOORAYYY for being a blabber mouth and to my fellow blabber mounths, keep up the good work , without us they couldn’t do it!!!!!

  • Melva D.
    Denise Dandridge I enjoy taking online surveys. As a single mother of three and a full time student is fun to do in my pass time. I learn alot from the surveys and enjoy giving my opinion on products i use daily. the earnings is also a plus. my mom always said i like to talk and interact and that 1 day i would get paid for it. well MOM you were ohhh sooo right!! Isn’t it great to know that my big mouth and opinions really do matter to someone. HOORAYYY for being a blabber mouth and to my fellow blabber mounths, keep up the good work , without us they couldn’t do it!!!!!

  • Angela

    Hello Vindale! I first started taking surveys because quite frankly, I loved the idea of making extra money. But now I see the opportunity as so much more. In this very corporate driven society, I think that companies often forget about consumers and by participating in surveys they get opinions from the people who actually buy the products. We decide what gets made and what gets marketed. And that makes us feel like we have a say butmore importantly, that companies care. And that is a great feeling. Ok…the extra money doesn’t hurt!

  • Charlotte K.

    The world’s getting smaller, the economy getting uglier, and you one of billions trying to keep your head above drowning in inflation and debt. It really hits home in your stomach when you hear that the next door neighbors have to move 1500 miles away and file for unemployment for a year with less than thirty percent chance of finding a job that will pay equally the amount of work they put in, with a complimentary salary to keep what they have. I’m struggling with the creeping, peek-a-boo rent that rises in 90 cents each month, plus food prices getting greedier, not to mention the gas, and oh, who could forget the insurance? And what about free time? The bills are an army, and I’m just a militia. Sometimes I wish I could just win one of those “McDonald’s coffee burned me” lawsuits. But I have found something far more ethical and feel extremely fortunate to be far ahead of others in this rat race when I turned to the internets. I heard about paid surveys before but agreed with everyman’s skepticism on their origins stemming from internet hucksters. But I just decided to find the answers myself, and in less than 30 minutes, Vindale is here. I back-checked this company thru Google searches, and they’re the real thing. I can earn anywhere from $12-$80 a day, with a credit card, plus bonuses, and no strings attached, while influencing what I want in recent trends! Now life seems beautiful again.

  • Amber P.

    Hey Vindale,
    Why do I take paid surveys you ask? Well…I could supply the common answer of make extra money (which is true because my hubby and I are broke as Ms. Spears’ career) but I’ll tell you my more intimate and dirty schemes of taking paid surveys.

    Chapter One
    Amber and Dan were happily living together in their delapitated basement apartment with trailer trash varmints making life so unbelievably worthwhile upstairs. Benevolent dogs leaving their feces everywhere and barking at shadows until the sun came up every bloody morning. When one afternoon; Dan came home to Amber who had just cooked dinner and Dan looked around and fell to his knees and cried at what they had to live in. The next day…the race was on! We have got to stop slacking and see if we can afford to buy a house…within a matter of a week or two they had found it. A luxurious buy – a fixer upper and an updater to be exact but a home! So…the journey begins in 31 days as to how they’ll afford all the extra bills BUT most importantly they can make their own noise and adopt their own spunky puppy who has room to run in their lovely backyard.

    Hope the next blog fits in with Chapter 2 🙂


  • Victor C.

    My Refferal Link :

    I take paid surveys for several reasons here are just a few:

    I like getting paid for my opinions and sitting on my butt !
    I like getting paid to go shopping or to eat at nice restaurants! I give honest feedback, I am considerate and honest when I fill out surveys.
    I am disabled and have not been able to join the workforce for the past three years . Even if I was not disabled I still would not pass up the opportunity for easy money.
    I like Top Paying Surveys. I have wasted precious time and spent thousands of dollars on all kinds of online business’s, I have taken surveys and have not made one single penny. Not until I found Vindale. I believe that it can be extremely easy to earn large amounts of money by completing surveys online for major national corporations or small business owners, It’s a win win situation because the consumers can now receive money for taking surveys for different products that they brought or was given . All it takes is just a little time, discipline and dedication. I know that this sounds too good to be true and the truth is , I am not making a lot of money but at least I know where to go and what to do to make some extra money the sky is the limit and it’s absolutely free to join ! Vindale is the truth ! Thanks !

    Victor Chevalier

  • Yvette L.

    i started taking surveys couse of my grandparents they needed money so bad they were about to stay with out water and light. i felt bad couse they had given me everything when they could work and get money when i first saw this website at first i didn’t believe anything about getting paid for taking surveys. so i gave it a try and i saw that money was coming in so i started giving the money to my grandparents they thought i was doing something ales but i showed them what i was doing they were so proud of me couse i was the only granddaughter that was actually trying to help them pay there bills my grandparents are now better i’m still helping them and i’m so thankful with this program because of them i got to help my grandparents not loose there house where they raised all of my family im know im working part time job and doing surveys on the other part time i have left all it takes is time and dedication to doing surveys I’m happy couse i did this and helping my love ones out when there in need…I’m A HAPPY PERSONE KNOW THAT MY GRANDPAERNTS GET TO STAY WITH THERE HOUSE..thats the true reason i started taking surveys…so thanks Vindale..!!!!!

  • Joanna H.

    Why do I take paid surveys, you ask?
    Tis a fair question, indeed.
    My parents, my friends, my lover took me to task.
    I answer, how else shall I pay for my mead?

    For life, for bills, for pleasures, surely. So what can I do for employment, purely?

    No thanks to stripping, or waiting, or clipping.
    What’s a girl to do?

    Online surveys! That’s the ticket!
    Work from home, don’t need no spicket??!? (OK, I self-admit, that’s terrible.)

    Data is data and money is money.
    I have the time, so far away from my honey.

    So I click and I answer, so honestly.
    Running from the spam, constantly.

    But at the end of the day, I see all my pay!

  • Joni T.

    BY: Joni Thurber
    DATE: September 12, 2010

    I’m taking paid surveys because I want to supplement my income so I can purchase spontaneous dinners for my two kids and myself without feeling like I’m jeopardizing a new roof, or another major home repair.
    My husband left the kids and me a year ago. I have support for 7 years, so I have to determine an income for myself once that support is up. I’m 50 years old and have been an AT HOME MOM for 15 years. When my husband met me I was employed and doing well for myself. But my job was one I’d grown into, and not a job I could pick up again without years of proving myself. That will be a challenge at age 50 while raising two active children on my own. When we got married, I quit my job because that was our family plan. I’ve taken some college courses, but don’t have a degree.
    I’m planning to write a book and/or take classes and become a therapist. I certainly have life experiences that can relate to many people. At age 28, one’s life experiences are limited. I’m hoping that this might be a profession where my age will benefit me.
    I’ve just begun taking surveys. I’m still determining which are legitimate and which are a waste of time. Hopefully this exercise will afford me some satisfaction as well as extra money, for a guilt free spontaneous dinner!

  • Uneeda C.

    I like paid surveys for several reasons: I want to exhale by divorcing my bills and credit card debt. I want to answer my phone and speak to someone else besides a bill collector. I’d like to be able to help my daughter who’s away in college, who took my advice, don’t be like your mother. I’d like to sit back and relax and play a game of dominos with some friends, instead of having a domino effect of things happening in my life like blown head gasket. I’m talking about my car now. I like to close my eyes and click my heels like Dorothy ” there’s no place like home” and be at someone else house like a beach house or villa. Now that I’ve opened my eyes and i’m still sitting here typing, my goal is to allow Vindale surveys to help me get back on my feet. I’m not making plenty money, but I have a solution that’s fun and easy. Thanks Vindale!

  • Brooke Johnson

    Dear Vindale,
    I’ll be honest with you. I’m a 20 year old with loans and wishful thinking. That is why I joined and that is why I continue to add my opinion. I have gone through so much this year from expecting to being a new mother to randomly losing my child and gaining a job that gets 10 to the hour part time. I didn’t go to school for part time. That is where this wishful thinking is. I am 4 hours away from home and need the money. I need it. Wanting is being nieve. That is why I have trusted you to help me. My skies aren’t so grey and I can pick myself up again. I want to see the world and experience it all! Thank you for your time and patience and God bless you.

  • rangga t.
    Hi Vindale! i choose paid surveys because i have a Family who must i give’t a food. i’m born from poor Family, n i Have boring Kid in everyday he must playing with me. So, I love Vindale research who make me more happy to agains World. Thank’s Vindale

  • Joelle L.

    I am writing this essay because money is tight right now. I moved to State College to finish my degree. When I moved down here I got a job to pay the bills since I was now living on my own and my boss stole my identity. Since then it has been upside down. So, until I get this under control every little bit will help. I did just graduate so I got that out of the way until my student loans kick in. Plus I am still trying to get the rest of my money back. 10,000 dollars of it that is. I have never been one to stress about money until this happened to me. When I moved to State College I had 4,000 dollars saved up plus, I was working. My savings is drained and I live paycheck to paycheck picking and choosing which bills I can hold off and which ones need paid right away.

  • Dana P.

    I take surveys for various reasons, the main one being that since I can’t win the lottery, why not just try taking surveys and build up my own stash of cash! Seriously though, I do like that I not only can influence future products or help improve existing ones, but I get paid a few bucks for doing so. It’s a quick and simple way to earn a few extra bucks to put in my “lottery bank”!

  • Nakre R.

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    Nakre Rimedre

  • Sonia B.

    Howdy Ya’ll! I love taking surveys because I get the chance to earn big bucks and prized from home. And anything earned away from my snoozer of a job at the local hospital is a big thumbs up! I use the cash to help my wonderful hubby pay the bills and the prizes I give as presents or keep for myself. Win-Win for everyone! Logging on to Vindale and seeing that little green bar raise the $$$ signs makes me feel like a little kid at Christmas too. Its fun and exciting and anyone who needs an extra income in this time of economic downfall definantly needs to get on board with this company and all of the other great partnering companys. Vindale surveys ROCK!

    Thank you Vindale!
    Sonia B. ~ Oklahoma

  • Sonia B.

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  • Alanna G.

    “Why I take paid surveys” I feel good giving my opinions on things that are relevant in my life. You get chance to enter exclusive competitions and get cash in the process for saying what you think! They are easy to fill in and are interactive with sound bites and pictures. It a good way to fill some time and earn money in the process I was surprised how a little amount for each survey adds up over time, to enough to buy things I want to basically for free!! When else can you earn money for a few minutes of answering easy questions where the answers are your opinions, also no wrong answer, they all count!! Alanna 🙂

  • Sharon G.

    I feel good about summiting surveys, because its fun and I enjjoy it. It gives good insite on commented your opinion open minded and free to check out new things and interest online and with friends.
    It gives you a chance to earn money and it is very easy to do, since im on the computer anyway, and your can earn alot in little time or effort, and the best part is that its free and fun. You get chance to enter exclusive competitions and get cash in the process. Sharon

  • cassie o.

    There are many reasons why I LOVE doing surveys online. I have a decent job but it is not enough to cover all my monthly bills. In the search to try and figure out how to get more money, that is when the whole idea of working online appealed to me. I went through many sites that were scams, which taught me a lesson so I started doing my research. With the right sites, such as Vindale, it is easy to make money throughout the day! It all depends on how much work one is willing to put into it.

    I like having the chance to fill out information and see if I do come across any other deals along the way, such as seeing my credit score. These are all things I would do anyways, and now, I get to earn money to do them. What can be better than that?

    Working online can be really fun and I try to take advantage of these opportunities. I can’t wait each day to have a chance to earn more so I can see that green boxes get higher and higher with money that I have earned!

  • betty j.

    i want to do surveys so i can pay my bills and go back to school to get my GED.I Have had a hard life since i lost both of my parents and one brother.i had to take care of all three of was very hare for me when they was alive and trying to work part time so we could pay our bills and get our medications we needed and to keep food in the house to eat family was poor and we are still poor.right now i am not working .i am trying to find a job so i can get a place of my own to live and get my medications i health is in very bad shape right now.if i win i would like to go back to school and get my ged and my medical assistant exam done.

  • Eric B.

    Why do I do paid survey$$$$
    Hmm … hopefully I can be $ 50.00 richer after this contest, I like most want to pay down my bills, but also live life so I will split money in both directions.
    I do like sharing my opinions and sometimes having a voice in ways products are marketed.
    There are not many ways to earn extra cash, so to find an enjoyable way to do it why not?

  • Kara S.

    Why I Take Paid Surveys

    I’m a twenty-something who works from home as a writer and artist. Add a new husband and toddler to the mix and some days are definitely more productive than others. So, when an advertisement for Vindale Research popped up on my screen last night, I said, “Why not?” My husband smiled as I signed up like, what is she up to now? Since then I’ve taken several surveys and don’t seem to be slowing down. I take paid surveys because I’m persistent. Plus, it teaches me more about myself and other people.
    In the past, I’ve participated in focus groups that were fun and timely in benefits, but the opportunity to express my opinion while still being able to work from the comfort (and chaos) of my own home is rather appealing. Pay bills and take mini breaks from the daily grind—can’t beat that!
    I first took an interest in marketing when I did some promotional modeling, so I can relate to consumer education, demographics, response, etc. Getting acquainted with the format of the Vindale site looks relatively simple. The FAQs are straightforward. Surveys are quick. The process of elimination by specific criteria in order to choose the best-qualified candidates makes sense. After reading over some successful testimonials, I’m looking forward to writing one of my own!

  • Cristina M.

    I take paid surverys because it allows me to make a little extra money while I stay at home with my three month old daughter. I can do it on my own time and not worry about schedules. I feel good about contributing to our household. It just makes sense for my situation and I a thankful for the opportunity to do it. I also like being able to voice my opinion and know that I am having a say in the type of products that are out there. All in all it’s a win win situation for me. I enjoy taking the surrveys and I am being rwarded and also helping my family. Hopefully this is soemthing I can continue to do for a while.

  • Donna G.

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    I’ve been taking paid surveys for as long as I can remember. When you’re like me, living from paycheck to paycheck, every little bit helps – especially when it seems like the money is never enough. I like taking paid surveys because my opinion is never “wrong”. There’s no second-guessing myself or wondering if what I’m saying will be taken out of context. I like saying what I have to say without worrying that someone will want to start the next World War and the best part of it all is knowing that while what I have to say is important, I also get paid for saying what’s on my mind. It’s very liberating.

  • Amy C.
    Hello everyone…let me start by saying the reason why i began to do suerveys…probably like most people out there im doing it to have extra money to be able to pay my bills and buy things for my children.
    I am a single mom with three boys and one little girl…my oldest is a teenager and like every typical child he wants what everyone has and as well is wearing men’s clothes and shoes and that is much more expensive than childrens clothes…the same thing goes for my ten year old who is a little bigger in size than my 13 1/2 year old. As for my daughter well what can i say…she is the youngest and the only girl so i am steady buying her different outfits, shoes, purses and hair accessories…she loves her dolls and having this extra money will help me to get these little things that my children ask for.
    I believe if i keep myself focused i can quite a few dollars to where i can get myself something and pamper me.

  • Shannan H.

    As much as I hate to admit, I like so many other college students out there fail to be a very big contributor to my family. Taking surveys to me, means helping at least a little bit while maintaining a shred of self dignity. Sure, I could donate my plasma, spend hours on end trying the “work from home scams, or even donate my eggs for goodness sake but at the end of the day, I take the surveys because hey, it actually works and gives me a bit of money for a bit of my time. Also, voicing my opinion isn’t so bad either.

  • Jeffrey H.

    Why do I take paid surveys? Two main reasons. One, I hope that the more things I can give my opinion about, the more things will happen that I can enjoy or at least agree with. Second, I’m recently retired, spend a lot of time on-line anyway, why not spend a small portion of that time making a few extra bucks. Might even make enough to pay for my monthly ISP bill.

  • Keri F.

    I like vindale surveys because while I’m laying in toddle bed with my son because he thinks that when I said ” good night don’t let the bed bugs bite” he thought I meant real bugs, I can be making a little money to bring him and his sister out to the zoo or a park, or even just mc Donalds to play a little. My reason is just to be able to have that little bit of extra time with my children before they get to big and realize that mommy was going to work cause she couldn’t pay the bills with monopoly money.And as my parents always told me” every penny counts”!!

  • cindy a.
    I’m a stay at home mom of 4 girls. There are several reasons why I chose to take surveys and become a member of Vindale Research. The first reason is because I wanted to make some extra cash while staying at home with my kids. The second reason I chose Vindale is because it’s a reputable company and in my opinion is one of the better survey companies on the web. The third reason would be because I enjoy giving my opinion, especially, on things that I currently use or eat. I really enjoy taking the fast food surveys because having 4 kids I’m always running through a fast food line so thereforth I can relate to it. I love giving my opinion on topics that I can relate to. I plan on taking surveys for a long time.

  • Donald V.

    I get involved in online surveys for several reasons. 1. They say you can make some extra cash and I’m still waiting to make some reasonable amout. Dah ???? So here I am writing this blog . I am currently layed off of work. Lots of free time on my hands. Doing surveys is what I been trying lately. It is rough doing this kind of work – still waiting to get paid for something online. If a miracle is suppose to happen maybe it will happen online doing surveys. One thing it does do for me keeps my mind on other things like drugs or alcohol. Those are not good for people with lots of time on their hands. I’m sure plenty of people will agree with that statement. Thank you.. oh by the way I forgot how many words this is suppose to be so I’ll keep on writing this blog. Keep the faith all of you survey people out there.

  • Maksim B.

    Why we all take paid surveys? There is a simple answer: We are all tired from uncertain jobs, low wages, phobic bosses and lack of money for a simple living.
    Unlike our parents we have a choice, not to find another annoying job, but a choice to be dignified inhabitants of this planet.
    Thankfully, we are living in 21st century and we have benefit of using high technology, in terms of upgrading our overall living.
    Thanks to this people from Vindale and to others, we have an opportunity to use and spend our time for a highly important causes: inflowing markets, influencing public opinion, making that our voice really mean something and making incomes for ourselves, kids, for our needs and all of that from our homes.
    Efficiently and quickly, that is all I need and that is why I and other smart people are taking paid surveys.
    Dignified way, isn’t it?
    Keep the faith and try more, try harder, make improvements, we all deserve much more interesting, easier, fruitful job and life.
    That is the way that I chose!

  • Luis F.

    I’m taking surveys because i have some debts to be paid that i unfortunately inherited. Also bills are starting to go up dramatically and i would like to help my mother, she gives her whole disability paycheck to pay for them…this way maybe i can give her a little spending money on the side. I have a minimum wage job but that barely pays for gas nowadays so i’m taking any oppurtinity to make some extra cash…so wish me luck guys, Maybe if i win this, it can be the start of putting my life back in order. But i’d still like to wish everyone the best of luck.

  • Shayna C.

    There are plenty of things we spend time on the internet doing everyday. Most of it being useless browsing. I partake in paid surveys because I feel that someone else is getting something out of. I’ll tell you what I mean.
    Although some surveys may be very time consuming, and let’s face it sometimes some can get boring very fast, we are still giving our information or opinions to help others. Whether it is to make everyday products better, or to help with something big in the future, taking surveys is not a waste of time.
    The main reason I do it though, is simply because I enjoy it. I’m always on the web and it is my way of feeling like my voice is heard. Oh yeah, I like the rewards too!

  • ariel b.

    I take paid surveys because I am saving for my future. Every penny saved, is a penny earned. I have a full time job and it’s nice to take an occasional break and sneak a couple minutes away by giving my opinion to something that someone else may or may not find useful. Taking these surveys will not make me rich but the little extra money may help me retire one day, just a couple days earlier and who doesn’t like making extra money? I love feeling like I am working towards something and being a valuable resource. It’s nice that someone also wants to know your opinion and that makes me a little happy inside as well. It’s also a great way to find out about other groups and interests that are out there that I may have never heard about and wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to try out. I like being well rounded and informed on many different issues. I live in a town where everything pretty much stays the same so it’s a great way to learn. The “man” is always holding me down and taking my money so this really is the best way I can make a little extra while not slaving away or breaking my back, it’s great to have the extra free time and I would already be sitting here at the computer anyways. I still always look like I am really working! So start taking some survey’s too and maybe one day you can take all your little extras and work towards something just for you! Member key: VLxI8qXY

  • Nikhil P.

    Why take paid surveys? Why not? I am able to make some extra cash for very little effort and for something I probably would do anyways. In addition, it does not hurt to have a little extra cash sitting around waiting to be spent. Thus, a little bit of effort can go a long way whether it be the next new hot smartphone, the next must have videogame, or just some pocket money for my everyday needs such as bills, every bit helps. In addition, saving for medical school wouldn’t be such bad idea. Thus, it is a great way to make money with minimal effort, yet at the same time have my opinions heard. Surveys allow me to help shape products that I either use or may use in the future. Therefore, why pass up such a great opportunity. Best of all, I can do it all in my spare time without it feeling like work. It is a productive way to make extra cash without feeling guilty about wasting hard earned money, especially when there are many other inefficient ways to spend my time. To top it all off, it’s fast, it’s easy, and most of all fun. In the end, one can never have too much money. Thus, you say why take paid surveys? I say, why not?

  • Rebecca S.

    Typical of most people, a little extra money never hurt. Getting a second job is completely out, as my main source of income is not your typical 9-5 job. Taking surveys gives me the opportunity not only to earn that little bit extra, but to do something in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Get interrupted – it’s okay – most surveys don’t time out for a couple minutes. Need the ability to switch up hours – taking surveys is great for that too – sometimes I do mornings, sometimes afternoons or evenings. I’m also enjoying not just giving my own opinion, but forcing myself to stop and think about if I have an opinion on subjects. When you live alone as I do, not a lot makes you really think, and what does, you would probably prefer not to think about. So in a nutshell, taking surveys covers all the basics – income/prizes, stress-free and the ability to use one’s mind.

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